Secret Security Clearance....I think my Friend is lying to me!!!!!!!

He told me that he needed secret clearance for his MO, i said no big deal right you go 7 years, etc. etc............

He told me that he had a possesion of marijuana charge in 2000

He had a paraphrenalia charge in 2005

He had a dwi in 2005

and has over $7,000 in debt,

He told me that they approved his clearance, is there any truth to this at all???????????

He told me that he was completely honest and forthcoming and they viewed and looked at that more than what was on paper.

Is he lying?

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  • dude I
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    1 decade ago
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    If he needs a security clearance to be a night watchman, he probably did pass. If you are talking about a Federal Government Security, he absolutely did not pass. For a Federal Clearance, there are 5 degrees of clearance.

    Source(s): Experience with Federal Investigators at my Place of Employment.
  • troung
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    4 years ago

    A clearance is partly approximately is this guy or woman a probability even yet it is likewise approximately are there issues in this persons previous that he's mendacity approximately that the enemy could attempt to apply against us by using extortion blackmail etc... additionally a secret clearance fairly isn't that great a deal. it fairly is created from a countless hassle-free history tests. and whether derogatory suggestions turns up that the Soldier ignored the commander can circulate to bat for the Soldier and nevertheless get the clearance. This Marine officer sounds like a Lieutenant!!! talk from adventure no longer college. Like there's a type observed as "military protection Clearances".

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think he's lying.

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