What is the best way to lose a dress size?

Most of my fat is on my belly, and I'd like to be able to fit into the next size down.

It'd be nice to be able to shop in "normal" shops rather than only plus size ones.

Can someone please give me an exercise regime to do this? I already eat healthily. Will crunches work?



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    Crunches alone won't lose you ANY belly fat, you'll strengthen the muscles beneath the fat layers and maybe (if you're lucky) tone it up a bit.

    To lose a dress size you need 3 things, and 3 things only.

    1 - A healthy, nutritious diet - no junk foods, no sodas, no rubbish; instead plenty of fruits, vegs, lean meat and complex carbs.

    2 - Cardio, intense cardio e.g. HIIT (google it), you'll burn more calories in a short period of time, with high intensity cardio training.

    3 - Weight/resistance training - it'll tone you up, and keep your metabolism firing.

    If you do those 3 things, you'll lose weight consistently AND keep it off. If you ignore one or two aspects you won't get the results you want. FACT.

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    No, crunches won't work as all you'll do is build the muscle under the fat, push the fat out further and end up with a bigger belly. It's also a huge waste of time. You need to burn the fat off first by doing cardio so start brisk walking / jogging / using a crosstrainer or taking Spinning Classes. Once the fat has been reduced then you can do the crunches as then you'll see their effect.

    I made the mistake years ago of doing crunches when I had belly fat, I ended up with a huge belly!

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    Go to SmartForLife.com or go in to a Smart For Life Center. East cookies and lose that belly fat! I lost 99 pounds in 6 1/2 months and never felt better. Stomach crunches will build muscle under the fat and should not be done until the belly fat is gone.

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    Eat healthily. DONT take nutrition capsules anything you do they motive ailment, hallucinations, the lot! Carry on along with your activity DVD. I can not warranty you can drop a get dressed measurement regardless that. By the best way measurement 12 is common within the UK. It seems like you can seem first-class to me.

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    try to walk vigorously for at least 30min/day, cut out caffeine (go ahead and take some tylenol), reduce sugar/sodium intake (not ELIMINATE) and watch what you eat!!! don't deprive yourself, just plan ahead...eat breakfast every morning...if u know u get hungry b4 lunchtime, plan a healthy snack (same 4 afternoon)...and try and eat a little less at suppertime...this worked for me...i didnt lose a dress size in one month...however, over the course of a year, i lost 20 pounds and gone from a size 20 to size 14...i've also slacked off my routine a little and have not gained it back :) good luck

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    you can start with eating healthy foods such as vegetables and doing this plan

    1. 100 situps slowly on every day of the week

    2. take two tea spoons of apple cider vinager every day

    drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit and veggies

    stay motivated

    eat lean meats like tuna and salmon it has omega fat 3

    Source(s): i just do it on my own
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    well i think you look beautiful just the way you are. and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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