Constant feeling of dullness / sadness?

When I think about my life so far, I come to realise that nothing good ever will happen... I always seem to be waiting for something good, a period of happyness to take over but i'm always met with dissapointments and sadness. Everything seems to make me worried, if I act in any way breaking my conscience or idea of what really is right i'm usually kept worried for the next few days... From here i've come to realise that there are always problems I seem to face, i'm always thinking about what will happen if anything, good in my life. As i've already said, I seem to feel disconnected some times, I just seem to feel miserable... dull .. pointless... What can I do?

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    Try to take joy in the little things in life. Being easily amused/pleased is not something to scoff at. It helps break up dullness and misery. If you rejoice in the little things, you won't be as disappointed with, or worried about, the big picture. (Is there horrible weather? Enjoy a good book or DVD inside. Did you get a small paycheck? Be happy you have a job.)

    If that doesn't work - Go talk to your doctor and see what he recommends. From your description, you could have anxiety or depression. (Or, maybe you just need a vacation?)

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    Depression will also include having a low self worth and other demeaning thoughts about one's self. So it's Okay to say your not suffering from depression. Although if you don't do something to bring your self up from your state then it will lead to depression and other harmful disorders. I know this because I was in a similar situation as the one you are in, I had a few different key points though. Perhaps the unfortunate change happened, and the negative change affected your state of mind temporarily. Then soon other aspects that brought some joy in your life toppled with the first change. Soon creating a domino affect just as you described in your description as it has impacted many parts of your life. Maybe the best way to combat this is to find the root of the problem and attempt to do something which is the opposite or will have an opposite affect. The feeling of helplessness might also contribute to your problem. If you have had the thought that things can't change or if you don't attempt to change positively then things will most likely stay the same with out any kind of change. I don't think it's the best idea to seek help from your friends, since you mentioned that they don't really support you in a productive way. Probably a good thing to do is to have some forceful thoughts and a motivation for clearer mind and accepting self.

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    you are going thru clinical depression. It is an unbalanced seritonnin level in your brain that causes it and will only stay the same or get worse without help from a psyciatrist. They are needed to get you the right kind of medication for what is bothering you. it could be panic attacks you are having, or extreme worry, or depression. You could be bi-polar having very high highs and now your in a very low depressed mood which can last for months, so it would be to your best interest to get to a doctor right away. call your doctor and tell him you want a referral to a psyciatric doctor for depression and make sure you are tested after you get on some ,meds for bipolar or adhd ect. to find out where the route is that is causing your problem. I know exactly where you are hon, and it's no fun place to be so go and get the help as soon as possible. good luck to you

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    That's just are waiting for something to happen...

    Happiness does not find you, you must find it.

    No one ever won the lottery without buying a ticket, and you will never enjoy life without grabbing it by the Cajones.

    I was just like you when I was younger. I always said "man, no one notices me." or "nothing good happens to me."

    But then I realized, I was just sitting there...nothing happens when sitting on a couch, except weight gain and Cheeto genocide.

    What are you interested in? Surf the web for what you are interested in and spark up some converstations with likeminded people. Who knows, you may even find that special someone.

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    i dont know whats wrong but you have to know that everyone is like this no 1 has the perfect life we live in an uncertian world. And shur people will be happy sometimes but thats just gettind ready for being put down again so dont feel sad because if just look outside our selfs we see a other people sad to but remember 1 sad day makes for a happier tomorrow.

  • 7 years ago

    ''Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” --Matthew 19:26

    The things that we can't do or solve, no matter how hard we try, God can do it easily.

    Whatever you're going through, He wants to take care of your problems for you. All you need to do is turn to Him and give over your burdens completely to Him.

    "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.'' --1 Peter 5:7

    If you want to find hope for change, as forward as this sounds, I think it would be a very worthwhile experience for you to take a little of your time to check out one of the many events/programs at the following site or to get in touch with a local branch, where there are local events/programs. The ''branch'' button is on the right.

    Or if you're from the USA,

    And if you want to find hope immediately, you can download a sermon on the following site.

    Best of luck!

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    Go on a shooting spree? Nah im joking

    You should find a way to release that inner misery, everyone needs an outlet of some sort. Try writing, painting or music or sports or exercising or whatever makes you happy and gives you fullfilment! That's all anyone can ever advise you.

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    Sounds like classic clinical depression.

    Go to a doctor and ask for one of the newer anti-depressants (SSRIs - Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors). Much of clinical depression is biochemical in basis and can be effectively treated with medication. Talking to a therapist can help, too, but studies have show that:

    Most effective: meds and talk therapy

    2nd most effective : meds alone

    least effective: talk therapy

    Don't be afraid to try the meds----they have given thousands, maybe millions, of people their lives back.

    Source(s): Been there, done that. Lexapro worked wonders for me.
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    Just the title of your question immediately made me think that maybe you might be feeling some depression? Have you taken this to another level? Might be a good idea. Those feelings usually don't go away on their own, they tend to get worse. Nip it in the bud while you can!

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    You need to do something. Get up and go out. become interested in a hobby or get busy with something else. Perhaps volunteer you time and service to the church or other organizations. Get busy and stop waiting for something to happen. Make something happen. Get busy and stop thinking about yourself so much. Help others and help yourself. Do something. NOW!!!

    Source(s): Been there.
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