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how do i make a file small enough to fit a blank cd?

i download a mmorgp game called project torque and its about 970MB and how do i make it small enough to fit onto a blank 700 mb disk

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    Check to see if your CD burner has a backup feature to backup that program.

    If not try compressing it using something like 7z format. You can download the best program for compressing files here. It even uncompresses ISO files!

    If not try this free file splitter, it'll even split it up for CDs

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    You probably cannot compress a 970mb file into a 700 mb file. If you want to move the files try using 2 CDs and copying the content into the new location.

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    You can put all the game files in a folder, and compress that folder with WinZip, or WinRar. That would be almost 300mb of compression; I don't think it can be compressed to 700, but you can try, or spllit the files. WinRar can do that.

    You won't be able to install from the cd. You will have to unzip the folder and save the files on a HDD.

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    Don't know if it will shrink it down enough, but you can try using a RAR zipper (like WinRAR) and compress the file into a smaller .rar file. It may not compress it small enough to fit, however.

    Another method might be to purchase a 2GB USB flash drive and store it on there. Flash drives have been getting pretty cheap lately.

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