HDMI cable, Can I run this outisde the house?

I just upgraded to Sky HD, I already have old cable going from box to upstairs bedroom so I can use the magic eye. I bought 15m of HDMI cable and a splitter so I can have HD tv in the upstairs bedroom from the lounge where the main box is.

Do you think it will be ok to run the HDMI cable out through the loung and straight up where the bedroom is, going outside on the wall for about 3meters?

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  • KMcG
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    1 decade ago
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    Check to see if the cable is UV rated. Means it has insultion that will protect it from damage by sunlight and other elements. If not you can run it outside through electrical PVC pipe. The gray kind can be painted to match the house. Use a spray on primer like Kilz first, then whatever pait was used on the house will stick to it. You'll need two elbows. So out of the house, into and elbow, up through the pipe and a second elbow back inside. Strap it down and caulk around the pipe where the wire comes out and goes back in.

  • troung
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    4 years ago

    for short runs, much less costly, skinny-gauge HDMI cables paintings fantastic. yet people who used those in lengths coming near 5 meters/15 ft began to work out blunders. It became into found that applying fairly thicker wires interior the cable, changing the twisting and greater helpful inner-twine insulation solved the themes. yet you are able to no longer in hassle-free terms look on the twine gauge, or the fee and tell how nicely the 30 ft cable will paintings. What you DO get from a popularity-form cable is a employer that stands in the back of it fairly is product, has sent 10 ft, 20 ft, 30 ft, samples out for attempting out. (unusual, even yet it fairly is not any longer likely a greater helpful high quality cable you're paying for, yet a greater helpful high quality-controlled cable.) My suggestion: attempt a protracted cable from BlueJeans. that's a single-guy save, however the owner tests his cables, stands in the back of the product and has a stable return coverage. His long-run cable for 30 ft will run approximately $80 5. i offered my 12 ft cable from him for approximately $36 and it works large. If i became into burying the cable in a wall - i may well be tempted to purchase a popularity-form cable. whilst $one hundred-$200 seems high priced, the exertions to place the twine interior the wall nevertheless swamps the fee of the twine. In 5 years Deep colour televisions and DVD gamers could be obtainable that want larger bandwidth. I dont choose to shell out yet another $500 to place in a greater helpful cable. sure - there are a number of 'scams' obtainable approximately wires. yet a splash elementary experience can save you from below or over paying for.

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