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Is anyone healthy? .......

as i look around in the world, i have not encounter anyone that don't have some sort of disorder, disease, disability, or cancer. (which include Diabetes high blood pressure, etc.)Do anyone agree?What is happening to the world?

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    Many people eat a terribly unhealthy diet and don't get much exercise, in addition to increased exposure to chemicals. It takes an effort to stay healthy & lots of people do what's easy...take out food, processed food, sitting in front of tv & playing video games. There are still some healthy people. I heard a saying once that a healthy person is one that hasn't had a good work over by a doctor, meaning, they can always find something wrong.

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    Very true, don't you think everything that happens is from eating???

    apparently the human body is naturally made to last about 300 years providing we live a very prefect life i.e NO depression, no injuries or bad air during life.

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    thank God im healthy and giving money and my old Books to Girls in Africa So I can Help them with their health and intellegence I also put all the ppl I know into this program and all of the papers/cardboards/ and clean tissue I Give it to the recycling company, I only eat Organic So by that I'm helping the world and myself, not all of us have disorders but some of us help ppl if you didn't know that.

    I hope people help others that need them!!

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    too much temptation !!

    could you honestly walk into a shop without staring at the chocolate or crisps? or go shopping without grabbing a mcdonalds or a pizza hut for lunch? and yet the junk food tastes so good!!

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    i feel sorry for everybody though

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