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Broken tail bone concern

i broke my tail bone about 2weeks ago, how long will it be before i can have sex? Help! Sexually frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    it will be quite a while. Get acquainted with your hand for the next 6-8 weeks or so. Tail bone injuries usually take about a year to full heal

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    4 years ago

    Take her to the vet. This exceeded off to my cat 2 days in the past besides the undeniable fact that it did no longer bend/harm his tail, it skinned area of it. i comprehend its no longer the comparable harm yet whilst your cat gets an infection from this harm it may convey approximately the worst. They vet might attempt to set it, might bypass away it on my own or if the wear and tear is sever, amputate area /all the tail. i comprehend this ought to have harm my cat extraordinarily yet he additionally did no longer appear as if it bothered him. I asked the vet approximately this and cats can cover their soreness all right, in the event that they're performing like they're in soreness its at its worst. wish your kitty is okay.

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    6 - 8 weeks

    If you relax and don't put any pressure on the tailbone it might heal faster!

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