athiest what exactly would it take 2 prove to you that.....

god is real and so is his love for man kind


well the proof is the man jesus christ.

i guess you need to sit on the fence just incase would seem the rational choice and logic dictates that we are gods anyway

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    A logical argument demonstrating the necessary existence of a deity.

    Further arguments could later be used to refine the concept of god by determining his/her/its/their necessary attributes.

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    History already proves there are no all-powerful gods (or goddesses) that are loving. 'Tough love'?-Give me a break. And many have suffered much more than they deserved. Even our country's govt has a law about 'cruel and unusual punishment' (Not always followed but it's there at least)

    Why would you think the OT deity is real? He's nothing like Jesus so even if they guy did exist, it really doesn't show at all that another God was being referred to.He certainly hasn't done anything to prove it.

    BTW, 'sitting on the fence' is referred to as Pascal's Wager. This has been addresses plenty of times before. You should look it up.

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    1)Verified, specific prophecies that couldn't have been contrived.

    2)Scientific knowledge in holy books that wasn't available at the time.

    3)Miraculous occurrences, especially if brought about through prayer.

    4)Any direct manifestation of the divine.

    5)Aliens who believed in the exact same religion.

    6)A genuinely flawless and consistent holy book.

    7)A religion without internal disputes or factions.

    8)A religion whose followers have never committed or taken part in atrocities.

    9)A religion that had a consistent record of winning its jihads and holy wars.

    For more specifics about each of the 9 items that I have listed click the link in my sources. This essay is beautifully written and clearly lays out for the believer what an atheist would need to convert to a particular religion. I don't think that any of these requirements is really all that hard, but yet there isn't one religion out there that fits the bill.

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    I was never an athiest, but I was an atheist, and what it took for me to "convert" to polytheism was a direct experience of my gods which could not be explained away by any better means.

    I assume that for any atheist to become a Christian monotheist, specifically, there would be the need for your god to both show himself to exist AND to show other gods not to exist. To then expect worship of the former atheist, your god would probably have to make a good case for that, too.

    No one who has actually experienced a god would make the mistake of thinking words could replace the experience.

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  • Sal
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    I don't know that anything, aside from the creator himself showing up, would do that.

    I admit that in most cases I would assume naturalistic causes (whether known or not) for just about anything that could happen. I understand that this means I leave almost no room to be swayed, but that is why I am an atheist - because I do not believe in the supernatural.

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    What it takes to prove to YOU that:

    A. A concrete sidewalk exists

    B. Radio Waves exist

    C. You have parents

    In all of these cases something real must convince you, evidence in other words.

    Evidence is not someone saying, "Radio Waves exist"

    Evidence is not someone showing you a book that was written long ago that says, "You have parents".

    Evidence is not someone saying, "Look around you at the world and you just know that concrete sidewalks exist".

    Beginning to get the picture?

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    1 decade ago

    If I had an explanation for everything that happened in the Bible.


    If I saw or heard God or Jesus or other prophets.

  • 1 decade ago

    Some evidence of the existence of a god would be a good start

  • 1 decade ago

    Oh yes. God is real and if hes so loving read the old testament you JA. Why isn't he "The God" since you only believe in one god.

  • 1 decade ago

    Any type of evidence that this proposed God exists

    Edit: If Jesus is proof that your God is real, then I also guess that Muhammad is proof that the Islam God is real.

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