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does my wife need a visa

I'm wondering if we can have some help we have booked a holiday for Florida on the 5th of September this year. We are due to fly from Manchester to America for 2 weeks. Up until now we thought we where ok to fly on the visa waver pro gramme. My wife doesn't have a criminal record she had 3 warnings from the police when she was younger 5 and 4 years ago now this doesn't mean she has a criminal record and the fact after 5 years they are removed which the other one is due to be removed in December.

apparently she should be fine under the visa waver pro gramme for this how ever she was infant arrested in 2003 for something she didst do and the women dropped the charges against her again this was her ex mum who said she had caused trouble but my wifes mother explained to the police my wife was on holiday and the charges where dropped as my wifes mother had proof of this. She can answer no to all the questions on hear can any 1 help

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    Yes she will be fine and she can answer No to all the questions on the back of her Visa entry form to the USA.Since the charges were dropped she is not a convicted criminal.You must apply for a Visa when you're actually convicted of a Crime and were given an actual sentence..Other you don't.I would not worry..if you need more reassurance though I would call the US embassy in England..but you're unlikely to get through as they are known for not answering calls unless you pay huge phone fees to them.

    Have a Great Holiday and Don't worry be Happy!

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