1) What is your opinion of the correct definition of Metal?

I hear a lot about this band is Metal, that band is not Metal, etc. I don't ever hear anyone say what Metal is - tell me please.

2) Favorite Metal song?

3) How many sub-categories can you name?


In #3)/sub-categories, I'd like an example of one song that fits that "sub" and a link to it if you can/will, thanks.

Update 2:

adrianna: although you dodged the Q, I agree totally with your comment.

Update 3:

Killer Peaches: I apologize, I did a search but, probably, since I stated the Q kind of oddly (even to me) nothing came up music related.

Update 4:

ROFLMAO! : I was running some possible categories through my little pea brain before posting this and "Folk-Metal" came to mind but, seriously, you've GOT to be kidding me! I see a couple of you put it down.

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    Curiously, I asked this just a few days ago.

    for me.... it has to do more with the attitude than anything.

    I look at what "IS" metal... softer Gothic Stuff like the Leaves Eyes, Hair Spray stuff (which I usually htink of as HArd Rock) like Van Halen, to Deicide to Metallica.

    Now... how can you tell me weak *** stuff like Warrant is Metal..yet Evanesence (which had some really solid riffs, particularly on the Fallen album) isn't? Don't work.

    The problem I see..is too many people want the world to listen to what THEY think Metal is..but if you ask 100 of us on here which bands are and are not metal? I bet we would disagree over at least 1/3 of the bands.

    Most of the Core bands ot me... well...15 years ago... they would have simply been Death Metal.

    So..I feel worrying ovely musch about Metal/Not Metal is kinda lame. But at the same time... I do get annoyed when I see groups that are clearly alt rock )no matter how awesome) like Souindgarden or AIC get called Metal. So..I guess I am an elitist too.


    as for favorite metal song... Metallica's Orion.

    q #3? Too many. The only ones I tend to recognize are Power, THrash, Black, Heavy, Death and Alt Metal. I guess we can break things down furhter to Brutal, Melodic, Symphonic, Folk, Viking, etc... but It just seems a little pointless.

    **LONE WOLF... no need for apologies.. I never really got a good answer to it..so maybe you willsuceed where I failed... so by all means..have at it!

    AND.. I'll be happy to link you some of my Favorite Folk Metal bands..they are amazingly good.....

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    For me, music only comes in two categories - LIKE and DON'T LIKE. Anything else is unnecessary to me.

    OK,OK!!! I honestly don't know a lot about the definition of Metal and I don't know anything about sub-categories! My favorite Metal song is For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica. ;-)

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    Favorite song is Raining Blood by Slayer

    Death metal,Black Metal,Thrash Metal,Power Metal,Old Metal,Nu Metal,Metalcore,Heavy Metal Glam Metal,

    there are way to many to list but who cares if its Metal its Metal and you will know when its Metal

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    Metal is what you make it. You will never get the exact definition of it. Too many people think one thing is another. When you hear a song and its jammin and its got that bass, rippin guitar and its heavy.. well its probably metal

    2. Thats hard, i will go with what i heard today (stoned and drunk - BLS)

    3. Too many unfortunately!!

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    1. these days any thing with distorted guitars passes for metal. 2. WAY to hard to pick just1. 3. death metal, power metal, thrash metal, black metal, christian metal, symphoniic metal, goth metal, viking metal, metalcore, doom metal, un-black metal(christian black metal??) and yes it DOE'S exist,theres a myspace page that supports the bands. folk metal.

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    1. You can't define metal. You just KNOW IT from your GUT.

    2. OH, how I love so many metal songs, I can't list them all.

    3. So many, I can't list them all.

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    1) you know its metal when you want to go ******* crazy listening to it. brain-busting solos and machine-like drums!! but defining metal? quite impossible. if you listen to alot of it, you'll be able to recognize it.

    2)master of puppets


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    valence electrons transition metals

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