How do i know if I have heart problems?

I am 23 years old and I am afraid that I may have a heart disease... I am not sure if I do, but I have felt some weird things in my chest...nothing major though. I don't know how to describe is like a the chest near the heart. No one in my family has had heart problems, and I don't smoke, not overweight, not anemic, i used to play high school sports a lot. My blood pressure is fine...once i found it a little high but i think it was that i was agitated... Should I go see a doctor to see if I am ok?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes...go to a doctor! It's probably nothing, but it's better to know! Besides, just worrying about dropping dead will raise your blood pressure, then you will have a real problem. Be well!

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    Generally speaking heart pains are hard to pinpoint, patients describe them as being tight, heavy, or a crushing pain/discomfort. Pain doesn't get worse on breathing in or moving. Pain may go to other parts of the body like the jaw back or arms. Patient may be short of Breath have nausea, and may be sweaty

    Now if its sharp in nature and hurst to breath in then its most likely what we call pluretic chest pain which has to do with the pleural lining of the lungs.

    But any kind of chest pain/discomfort should be checked by a doctor.

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    Go to your doctor and have them run the normal tests, then ask for a heart ekg. This will measure your heart rythym. Sometimes people get heart arythmia its nothing bad it is usually do to stress. Also might want to get your cholesterol checked. If your ekg is abnormal theyll probably send you for a heart sonogram.

    I would check this condition out because a kid at our university dropped dead for no apparent reason while playing basketball because of heart trouble.

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