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why do i have a sudden change of heart?

after i ejaculate i feel like i dont love the person i was doing it for

after im done i just wish that i never have done it in the first place

is this normal and if not how do i fix this?

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    All guys are kinda apathetic after we orgasm. I think this is stronger with you because you don't have any deep feelings for the person you're involved with. You're in it for the lust, not the love.

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    You my friend have Charlie Harper problems, if you have ever seen Two and a Half Men the television show on CBS than you know what I'm talking about. He has casual sex with loads of women but after he is done having sex he prefers to get rid of them and find a new women (this actually is a hilarious show). His problem is his mother gave him intimate issues in the past, so your problem could be similar and if this is a big problem for you could try to think about your childhood and if anything happened that may have caused this outcome. Another possibility is you don't love the person, but even then you shouldn't wish you had never done it afterward. If what have already said doesn't work see a therapist or some kind of phsycologist. When you have sex with a person for the first time the outcome should be a little disgust because you have had sex with a new person for the first time. But if you have done it multiple times with the same person than you have a problem and should see some sort of a therapist.

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    It's psychological of some sort. Most likely something from childhood, or a bad experience at some point..guilt, etc. Counseling would really be your best bet, so you can work through it mentally in a healthy way.

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    Lol a wise man once told me that after making love, you feel deep shame

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    Better have a good look at the woman you are with. Perhaps you are not really "in" love with her.

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