My Boyfriend Don't Want Me To Take This Job.

i took the test to become a CO...and my boyfriend is very upset with me...he don't want me to work there...but its something i wanna do...he'll get over it...should i listen to him and his concerns?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Talk to your boyfriend about his concerns but only to try and ease the worries he's having about you accepting the job.

    You need to take care of YOU first and foremost.

    Let him know beforehand that the conversation is to ease his worries and not an opportunity for him to talk you out of taking the job.

    Try to assure him the best you can, but it's been my experience that when a guy is that insecure, it's extremely hard to get them to see anyone else's point of view.

    If the conversation ends up going in circles, it helps to point out how insecure he's acting...

    Good Luck and I wish you the best.

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