Does anyone knows any shops that prints CD covers and disks?

Note: within manila, philippines only.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Why would you want to pay a shop to print CD covers and disks when you can do it yourself? I do not know of any shops, because I live in the US. I do know that if you get an Epson R-RX series printer, you can print your own CD covers and print onto printable CD's.

    These are excellent printers. You can get a printer or an A-I-O, so you can scan in the CD cover and print it out. They use 6 individual ink cartridges, so you only replace the color you are out of. They have auto photo correction (if you have dark subjects, the printer automatically lightens them) and red-eye removal built-in. You can scan to restore old faded photos to their original color also.

    With the included CD/DVD printing tray, you can print your own design (or a scanned one) onto a printable CD/DVD. No more peel and stick labels (that can dirty/jam your CD/DVD drive). I have one of these printers and I love it. Just go to and select where you live. Click on inkjet or All-in-one and look for the R-RX series printers.

    There are a few key things I like to tell people about these printers. They are:

    1. I recommend that you leave your printer turned on. The printer is Energy Star compliant. Every time you turn your printer off and then back on, it recharges the ink cartridges and actually uses ink. This is true for all printers. If you print often you should not have any problems with your printheads. If you do not print very often, I recommend that you perform a nozzle check once a week to keep the printheads from drying out and becoming clogged.

    2. If you run out of a color, you cannot use the printer until it is replaced. The reason for this is a safety feature for your printer. There are actually two reasons for this feature. First, if you are allowed to print with an empty ink cartridge, when you finally do replace the ink cartridge, your printhead maybe clogged. This is due to the fact that there is an ink reservoir in the printhead. If there is not any ink to keep the reservoir moist, it will dry out and become clogged. I use this illustration; it is the difference between new glue and dried glue. The glue will flow freely when it is liquid, but when it dries out it is set and hard. Now imagine this example in your printhead. Secondly, some printers allow you to print if a ink cartridge is empty. They do this by combining the remaining colors to produce the desired color. The only problem with this theory is that you will not get accurate, true colors, especially if you are printing photos. How are you going to accurately make yellow with cyan and magenta?

    Source(s): Electronics stores sales and service for 5 years.
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