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Puppy House Training....

why does my puppy pee like every five minutes sometimes. He doesn't do this all the time, but sometimes, he will be, then all of sudden he is peeing again, and then again? I don't even have time to take him outside before he pees again! I am getting frustrated with this whole potty training thing....LOL!!! I can't use puppy pads because he shreds them to pieces! Just looking for some help here!

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    He's got a teeny tiny bladder. As he gets older, his bladder will increase in size and he will pee less...

    Housebreaking your dog is seemingly the first test of your patience as a dog owner.

    Perhaps you're experiencing the following scenario:

    You take him outside multiple times a day and every time, he refuses to make. You assume he just doesn't have to go, so you bring him back inside and moments later he soils the rug.


    You take him outside and he goes, you praise him with "Good boy" and after bringing him back in, moments later he goes again.

    It's a frustrating cycle not only for you, but for your dog as well. You just can't seem to make him understand what he's supposed to do.

    Your dog simply doesn't understand the rules yet. That's why it's important to take your dog outside to make at scheduled times of the day.

    It will take approximately 14 consecutive days of going outside, watching your dog make and PRAISING him for it before he starts to get it.

    During that period, every accident that happens in the house is counted as negative two days. Remember, you'll want 14 consecutive days of proper housebroken behavior before you can relax a bit.

    After he goes outside, you'll want to supervise him closely for the next ten minutes he is inside the house. At the first sign of going the the bathroom, take him outside.

    If he does have an accident, only use the "No" command if you catch him in the act. Otherwise, it's useless and will only confuse your dog.

    The amount of time that you should take your dog outside to make will vary depending on the breed, size and type of puppy.

    It is SOOOOO important that you PRAISE your dog while he is peeing or pooping and make sure you give him a treat afterwards. You want to use positive reinforcement of his good behavior.

    It's generally recommended that you take your dog out every 2 hours during the day for the first three weeks. Obviously you won't be taking your puppy out every 2 hours at night before bed. So use the following strategy.

    Take away your dog's water bowl two hours before bed. During that window of time, walk your dog at least twice. If accidents occur in the middle of the night, you may need to get up once in the night to walk your puppy.

    As your dog gets older, his bladder size will increase and the nightly accidents will disappear.

    After the first month, begin to space out the amount of time you take your dog outside to make. You'll want to do this until your dog only needs to go out only 3-4 times a day.

    In summary, the trick to all of this is using the follwing tactics.

    - Set a schedule to take your dog outside

    - Praise your dog with the "Good boy" command when he makes

    - In case of an accident, only use the "No" command ONLY if you catch your dog in the act

    - Take away your dog's water two hours before bedtime

    - Walk your puppy twice before bed

    - Always supervise your dog when he is inside AFTER making outside

    For more tips,

    check the SOURCE LINK below...

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    1 Make sure you have him in the same room as you. Keep an eye on him. 2 If you seem him acting like he is about to pee immediatly put him outside. Stay out there with him. If he pees praise him like crazy!! This will show him he can pee in front of you outside. 3 If he pees inside DO NOT punish him. He will think it is wrong to go in front of you. Just put him outside.

    This is the way I potty trained my dog. And now we have no problem with that.

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    Try bell training him... Find his favorite food treat and hang a jingle bell from the door. Then take him out every few minutes. Go to the door - ring the bell (make a BIG deal over the bell) - give him a treat, take him out and tell him to potty. If he potties have a party and give him another treat!! If he doesn't, no treat. Then bring him back in and repeat, repeat, repeat!! Soon he will start to understand that the bell = potty and potty outside = favorite treat! Just be patient and remember, the younger he is the harder it may be... Good luck!

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    do you use crate training?

    Here's the best way to make it work:

    get a crate that is for his size now.

    take his food and water dish away, don't 'free feed'

    depending on the age of the pup, 3, 4 or 5 times a day, set down a full serving of food and water. Let him eat until he shows lack of interest.

    Immediately put him in the crate. Wait 15-20 minutes or until he starts to really bark and complain a lot. Take him out of the crate, immediately to the out of doors to do his business. Give praise and take back inside. It shouldn't take more than 2 or 3 days to train.

    Good Luck!

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    at three months a dog will have to be equipped to preserve its bladder for a million hour in step with each month it's ancient. so three months=3hrs 5months=5hrs till one 12 months. Take it out proper after it eats and each half-hour to an hour. Puppies do not sniff for a place...they simply cross. Soon the dog will study in which to move and you are going to begin seeing a sniffing sample begin. This takes time a sufferers. Don't get mad on the dog. Its simply doing what it recognize to do. If you get mad and via it external it's going to begin to believe that going out is a punishment, and now not "ask" to move out. You can use the paintings NO to startle the puppy however do not scold. What I have performed was once to hold a small Christmas bell down by means of the ground and whilst I take the puppy out I ask "You wish to move external" and simply earlier than I placed her out...I rang the bell. Took approximately a month however now, whilst she has to move out she makes use of her nostril to ring the bell and I permit her is beautiful cool.

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    Each dog is different, so I watch the dog to see what it is responding to. Learn here

    I use different words, sounds, hand signals for each of my puppies. If the commands are not working, I change them. I do not beat, yell, or rub their nose in pee. I don't use the command "no" because it confuses puppies. The words, "know, no" come up in conversation, and it confuses them, I use something like "shame" or "ssht" or "off" or "settle down" or whatever that puppy responds to. Some I use signs from sign language, some I use thumbs up hand signal if I want them to continue what they are doing, or a shake of a finger like I am scolding them, if I don't want them to continue what they are doing. I was taught that puppies/dogs want to please you, so I focus on that. I teach them what behaviors I allow and what ones I don't allow and remember to praise good behavior so they keep doing it. There isn't a right or wrong answer in my world, what works for one puppy might not work for another. I do a lot of things you would find farmers do with their dogs, it doesn't have to make sense in my world, it just has to work. My neighbor calls the ducks with a duck call and they come. I burp on the way down to the pond and the ducks come for me when I burp. It doesn't have to make sense, it just has to work. I want to train my angel dolls, I don't want them to be terrified of me, and I don't have to make them terrified of me to get them to please me, just like I didn't have to make my troops terrified of me to get the job done. I address a behavior the second it starts, each time it starts as many times as it takes until I win the war. I realize my IQ doesn't matter, diplomas and awards don't matter, I am about to do battle with an 8-week-old puppy who is already smarter than I am, and hopefully at the end of training, they are trained, and I have the very smallest amount of sanity left

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    Keep your puppy out in tell he is all peed out. Puppies bladders are small and they have to go potty more often just hang in there and he / she will learn and when you bring him in then give a treat and praise him/her

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    try crate training him. when you are busy, put him in a crate and only bring him out when you can see him at all times. if he pees in the wrong place, say no and eventually he'll learn.

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    u can try crate training but my puppy always pees in the crate so yeah

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    stick its noes in it or keep it outside

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