Will you or did you have an epidural?

Add any positive or negative experiences.

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    I have delivered four children and am expecting #5. I have never had an epidural and, barring extraordinary circumstance, I never will.

    Epidural use increases the risk of a C-section. It can slow down the progress of labor, and there can be difficulty feeling well enough to push (which is why there's an increased number of deliveries needing forceps or vacuum extraction). A common side effect is for the mother's body temperature to go up, and if that happens, they have to assume you're getting an infection and treat it as such. It increases the risk of fetal distress. The drugs passing into the baby's system can cause it to be lethargic at birth. Once you're on an epidural, you can't move around and are usually stuck in bed on a monitor. There's the risk of a killer headache that can last for days. In short, it increases the risks to both mother and baby. I would not suggest planning on an epidural, but prepare yourself to go without, including knowledge of non-drug pain relief methods.

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    With my first child I went to the child birth classes and freaked out about getting an epidural. I was so scared that I would be paralized for life. However, they are professionals you know.

    My experience with my first epidural was I jerked a little as I was poked; he told me to sit still. I was ok, then my leg started shaking for no reason and I couldn't stop it and I told the nurse and she said that's ok because he was done. I was fine.

    My second experience was way different. The epidural felt different, like this weird inside pressure thing that really freaked me. I started crying and crying and the nurses were trying to get me to tell them what was wrong, did it hurt, etc. because they HAVE to know this in case something bad has happened. It didn't hurt really, just a very bad pressure feeling inside me. I did not like that at all, that's why I cried. It seemed longer than usual (probably because of this), then it was over. I hope I never go through that again.

    However, this lasts for about 2-5 minutes maybe? It's over and it's so much better than going through horrible pain for 4, 5, 6 hours!

    I should add that yes, you may feel sore in that area for up to a year or longer! With my first child, whenever my husband slapped my back in that area it was slightly tender and I would yell "stop, my epidural!" It was funny at the time and it lasted probably like 1-2 years. With my second child though, I don't have any tenderness in my back at all.

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    I had been planning on having a water birth and they don't give epidurals if you deliver in the water. When I got to the hospital they didn't have any water birth rooms available so I labored for a long time without one. After a few hours I decided to get the drugs and I'm SO glad I did. God Bless the person who invented it. It gave me a chance to sleep some and breathe some. It didn't take away all of the sensations, I was able to feel when I was getting a contraction, but it made it bearable and somewhat enjoyable! I didn't feel the needle, either. Maybe my contractions hurt so badly that the needle seemed minor! My son was alert and active right away. If I have another I'll do it the same way!

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    1 decade ago

    YES! For #1 and #3 and it was fabulous. I do admit that it isn't just like being yourself but without pain. I did have very weird senses of reality like being stoned. Also with both, I had severe bouts of nausea right after delivery which does tend to ruin those few post delivery hours. But I still think it was worth it. Labor hurts and while I have a high tolerance for pain, the few hours I endured it was indescribable.

    #2 came too fast for an epidural - no lie, less than 1 hr from first pain to deliver (ended up in an ambulance). I felt good after delivery and had none of the epidural hangover.

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    With my first i had one and it was great!! With my second i had one with high hopes it would be as great as the first and it was a horrible experience, when they went into my back it hurt worse than the contractions did and then it didn't work and i still ended up feeling EVERYTHING!!! I'm now on my third pregnancy and my mind is pretty made up that i will go natural because that epidural was horrible and i'm terrified to go through it again, if i knew it would go as well as my first i would do it in a heartbeat!! They do have meds that can take the "edge" off the pain and i think that's the route i'm going this time.

  • Pippin
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    I had one. I had hoped to go without, but I had a very long and difficult labor, and eventually concluded that an enema was the best option for me. (I'd been in labor 18 hours at that point.)

    It went ok for me (took away the pain, gave me a break). On the negative side, baby was born with a fever, (not an uncommon result of an epidural) resulting in a 3 day NICU stay.

  • elsie
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    I'm not planning on one, no. I'd like to experience birth naturally. I don't particularly like medicine to begin with, so I would rather avoid the epidural. I would also like to be up and about to help move my baby into position--being stuck in my bed just doesn't sound like a whole lotta fun for me or the baby.

    With that said, if I am in the thick of things and realize that the pain is just too much for me to handle, I know that pain relief is an option.

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    I did have and epidural with my daughter and i don't regret it my labor went so smooth after that. Normally you cant feel when you have to push but i did and it didn't hurt. I was so sore after but i am good now. The only down side of the epidural is that later down the line when its cold my back where i got it hurts in a sharp pain. this time around i don't want to get it we will see how that goes.

    Source(s): *Mother of 2 year old and 29 weeks pregnant.
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    I'm only 6 weeks pregnant, so have a while to go yet, but i know i'll probably go for an epidural. I'm not good with pain, and this way is the best pain method i can think of..

  • I've had 2 epidurals and hopefully will get one this time too. I wouldn't want to have to go through labor without one. I was hurting so much by the time I got it, it was just a huge relief. They say it can slow labor down, but it didn't for me either time. It actually seemed like it helped things progress faster, perhaps because I was more relaxed.

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