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Why is it so much more expensive when...

I am trying to book a flight from Vancouver, Canada (YVR) to Kathmandu, Nepal (KTM). I was thinking I world probably fly with Cathay Pacific, but the airline actually doesn't matter much to me.

When I go onto Expedia, it can find me a bunch of flights for around $2500 or so... but when I go onto the Cathay Pacific website (the only airline I could find flying into Kathmandu that also flies from Vancouver), the least expensive flight I can find is $5600.

I don't really want to trust Expedia and book through them - I've heard way too many horror stories - but I don't want to spend the extra $3100 that I can't really afford.

My dates are pretty flexible, I don't mind stopping over a couple of times, and I'm flying by myself.

How can I find a cheaper flight?

Thanks guys!

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    Just to let you know, in May, I looked for the fare in Kayak (similar to expedia), and it was 2700 round trip. I called a Nepali travel agency, they gave it for 1440 from Florida, 1365 from Utah.

    Never trust those sites for international travel. Get info about Nepali agencies in US/ Canada through advertisements posted at sajha.com. All the best!!!

    Source(s): Just flew to and back from Nepal
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    Go to a travel agent. Cathay Pacific is a Hong Kong airline, and there are a lot of Hong Kong people in Vancouver. Look up the Chinese travel agents. They have the direct deals with Cathay Pacific. Most likely you get it much cheaper than Expedia.

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