What do I need to do to get to an Ivy League college?

What I mean is I start my first day of high school on monday and I am no doubt going to college somewhere but what I really want to know is what will put me over the edge to get into a place like Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, or where I really want to go Yale. My grades aren't bad but I know that I'm not only competing with kids across the US but I'm also going against kids all across the world. So if you have been accepted to a school like that or you've graduated or your attending an Ivy League school then please help me.

thank you so much!!!

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    First things first, make sure your guidance counselor is aware of your goals, so that he, or she, will be able to help you achieve them.

    Most people who attend ivy league colleges know exactly what they want to do with their lives at an early point and prepare themselves for college from day one. In saying this, make sure you are getting involved with school organizations which will flesh out your resume.

    Take honors courses as well, these heighten your resume and will show that you enjoy tackling a challenge, while your grades in these courses will speak as to how well you handle advanced studies.

    Work as hard as you can on your grades. They are extremely important. So are standardized tests such as the SAT. I advise that you take them as early as possible and keep taking them, trying to improve on your previous score.

    Finally, let them know you are interested. Apply for brochures, visit the campus. Keep putting yourself out there. Ivy League Colleges such as Yale is scouting for the best candidates to improve their roster. Getting involved in activities such as community service will definitely aid you in your journey.

    Just remember to put yourself out there at all times. Push for every award you are eligible for, make excellent grades, get involved, and always relay information to your guidance counselor so they can work with you towards your admission to Yale.

    I hope all this helps, and good luck. You seem like a dedicated kid if you're already worried about college, I am sure you'll achieve your goals.


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    A great GPA, a demanding course load (don't take the easy classes), honors/AP classes, extra-curricular activities (get involved, Student Government looks great and demonstrates leadership), if you are athletic, try out for a sport. Colleges are looking for well-rounded people who are willing to put up with a difficult course load because they will have to do so in college, especially at an Ivy League school. Take 4 years of foreign language (preferably the same language), 4 years of math, 4 years of science, etc. Go beyond the minimum entrance requirements, take the PSAT and the SAT as many times as possible so you can report your best score. Take the AP classes and tests but keep in mind Harvard and some other Ivy Leaguers do not accept AP tests for course credit. It still looks good though. :) Basically, cover all the bases, do the best you can, keep the GPA up and keep your options open. Make yourself the best candidate but don't put all your eggs in one basket. Apply to other schools also. Good Luck!

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    For starters, Stanford is not an Ivy League school. Stanford is a Pacific-10 school, like USC (best known as a football school), UCLA, Washington, and Oregon.

    The eight Ivy League schools are

    - Harvard

    - Yale

    - Princeton

    - Columbia

    - University of Pennsylvania

    - Dartmouth

    - Brown

    - Cornell

    And as far as getting into a school like that, you need to be a lot more than just some bright kid who gets good grades, takes AP classes, and participates in extracirricular activities. That'll get you into most colleges, even prestigious schools like Penn State and Michigan, but you need more than that. Do something in your community that makes you truly stand out. Prove to them that you're one of the future leaders of America.

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    I'm not at an Ivy League school, I go to the University of Iowa. But I do think that if you are just starting high school then you still have some time to worry about it. But, it is good that you are thinking of these things already. You will definitely need as close to a 4.0 gpa as possible. Study for your ACT/SAT when you get to that point to get a good score. I didn't study and got a 29, and I really wish I would have. Also, get involved in extra-curricular activities. And not just sports or just academic. Try and do 2 or 3 that are a variety, that will be good. And also .... HAVE FUN!!! You need to do well in high school in study hard, but don't overwork yourself. There will be plenty of time for that in college and in the real world, trust me!

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    Holyoke is far off-base. In truth, in case your loved ones's sales is low ample, you'll be able to move to an Ivy League college free of charge in this day and age, in case you qualify. First of all, congratulations for your well grades. You will have got to maintain that up (and to take the hardest categories to be had to you) in case you desire to get into an Ivy League college. Then, you're going to have got to grow to be deeply worried in a few exciting extracurricular pursuits. Don't simply become a member of plenty of golf equipment; you have got to uncover matters that exhibit transparent management, curiosity, and willpower. If you would not have the proficiency to be an award-profitable athlete or musician, then begin an group to aid a few purpose and placed on a number of fundamental parties to elevate cash for it. You will even have got to do particularly good (nearly flawlessly) for your SATs, whilst it's time to take them, you're going to want very robust suggestions from lecturers, and you're going to need to write an strong essay. Even with all of those matters, there may be not ever any warranty, so understand that despite the fact that many of the Ivies are notable colleges, there are others available in the market which might be simply as well. You will uncover one with a purpose to be a best fit for you.

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    The biggest thing to keep in mind is what the Ivies look for: strong academic ability, leadership, initiative, and potential. People with these traits become leaders of the future, and Ivies want these people to represent them. If you can become one of these people, you will contend seriously for a spot at Yale.

    The first thing to show is academic ability. That means you have to be academically driven and have to be genuinely interested in your education. Take the hardest classes your school offers and excel in them. Try to stay in the top 5 of your class. Make good impressions on your teachers so you can get great letters of recommendation. You MUST be strong academically, no matter what else you did, or else they will reject you.

    The second thing is leadership. Leadership indicates that you can make use of people to instigate change in our world. Leaders are the ones who write history. The Ivies' proudest alumni are leaders. So, you need to be leader in all your extra-curriculars and in the classroom.

    The third thing is initiative. Initiative is related to leadership, but it's an extension of the concept. You need to be proactive to break the mold. You need to show that you can follow your own guidelines. Ivies want to admit people who are independent.

    The fourth thing is potential. You show this from your essays and your letters of recommendation. Anything from a personal talent to an outstanding award to great character can show potential. This could be a make-or-break factor.

    Remember, though: ACADEMICS ARE YOUR TOP PRIORITY!! Too many people think they can get into Ivies because they have only a mediocre GPA but a ton of extra-curriculars. That's a huge NO. It takes zero talent to sign up for activities, but it takes a lot of talent to do well in hard classes.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): I attend an Ivy League school right now, and many of my friends attend Ivies.
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