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do u agree that nobody is perfect?

or do u think that no one can become perfect?

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    Yes, I do Agree, there's no such Thing as PERFECT, there's only as close as you think / feel you can get, A Perfectionest, like me...

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    No. I believe that the unfoldment of the universe is an absolute expression of perfection and how everything is supposed to be. If not the universe would be something else. Each 'thing' that exist is a fulfillment of its own innate potentiality at the moment, thus everything is perfectly what it is. To say something is imperfect is an artifact of the dualistic mind that only perceives and edits the content of the universe. Because the mind often fails to consider context and does not see reality as is it presume what is seen is what is. To the mind on it highest level of comprehension it is discovered that, like beauty, perfection is in the eye of the beholder, thus and arbitrary label imposed on the content of what is perceived.

    Beyond the mind and intellect, a more in depth perspective is being witnessed. That everything is an a expression of what it is due to the conditions of the unfoldment of the universe. Thus we see that Creation, which is a ongoing process, and evolution are one in the same. The manifest is only possible because of the unmanifest which is not subject to the laws of the manifest yet innate with in it.

    The saying that 'only God is perfect' is a limitation and does consider God omnipresent and the same as that which It creates. Thus by that explanation we can now see that the unfoldment of the universe is actually an expression of perfection.

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    Perfection is always a "transcendental signified." It is outside our ability to truly know it; thus, we have no means to know perfection and by not knowing it, we can never determine if any person or thing has it as an attribute.

    For example, if we did not know what the attribute of being purple was, how would we know if a person or any people were purple. It is just as likely that EVERYONE is purple, if purple is a category that we can never fully grasp. As such, it is just as likely that EVERYONE is perfect as it is the NOBODY is perfect because we have NO TRUE PERFECTION to draw and compare our conclusion.

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    I dont think that a perfect person exists. Every human being must have the odd bad trait or one imperfection,, or this would be too good to be true. Even the best of us make mistakes and have bad days...

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  • I think that, as humans with human weaknesses, none of us can be perfect.

    Besides, perfection is a very subjective term. What one person thinks of as a positive attribute may be regarded by another as a flaw.

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    I believe there are some God-realized souls are perfect when they Know God and also are conscious of creation at the same time. And this is the only perfection that can be achieved.

    When God is not conscious of creation and only of His infinite state He isn't perfect, and when God as a soul in man is only conscious of creation and not of His divinity, He isn't perfect, neither.

    Source(s): Meher Baba
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    I am perfectly me. It would be impossible to be MORE me than I already am. Both my virtues and my flaws are a part of who I am, so neither can detract from my perfect meness.

    Did you suppose that there was someone more me than I?

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    No, we all have the potential of perfection, as when doing the best we can with our individual abilities and capabilities.

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    I disagree: God is perfect.

    I do agree though that no one else can become perfect.

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    i agree that no one is perfect

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