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ok i need some help on scholarships to some boarding schools

ok i am wanting to go to a boarding school and i have some Q&A like

do i have to go to the school if i get the ss

what if i get accpected by more than one school

do i have to be going to that school to apply

if you want to know the whole story look at my ohter Q&A i is long so it msy take a while to read i cant really spell when i am in a hurry so please excuss my misspellings

so please help me on these Q7a for i apply these are the ones i want to go to and do you guys think a loan or a grant would would help

ok this is my story it is off of my other Q&A

ok i am going to 7th grade and i have a horrible school when i say that i mean


drug bust


and sex in the bathrooms

so you still think i am joking i am not i want to go to a boarding school for a chance in this world so i can get a good ed i know it so weird a girl who wants to go to school and actullay try i have talk to my mom she said you can go if you get a schoalship ok i know i have looked in to some i mean i want to go to an all girl(so i want haveing my mind bing over took b boys )and it has to have a riding program i mean how dose the ss work i mean to i have to go even if i dont get one and i have no clue where my dad is so what would we do about that part tell them he is dead and what do i do if i do get to go will i still have to pay lab fees and stuff can i get a stundent loan i am not one of them people who just say i am then dont i really do want ot go and not cause it seems cool it is so i can mabe have a chance oin the world and go to a

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collage like havard or yale i mean i would love to be involed in the law or vet feilds and i have thought about this and talk to some layers i do some work for like fileing paper and stuff like that so what shoould i do to get to go we dont have a lot of money so they need to have fincal aid and how do schoalerships work witch ones would you reemend i have do me reseach and am going to make a doc on the computer and print aout the schools and show to mom do you think it will make an ipact and i am going to try to show her i can handle life on my on like dealing with pressure and resonibilat (sorry i cant spell when i am in a hurry)and i always make good grades i have got in many awards from the state school and president so think you can help me please do

thanks so much i am not just trying to waste your time her i am not joking i am for real

yeah i have talked to my mom and she said i can go if i get a schoalarship

theses are some i am thinking a bout

Chatham Hall All-girls 9-12 Chatham, VA

Dana Hall School All-girls 9-12 Wellesley, MA

The Ethel Walker School All-girls 9-12 Simsbury, CT

Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy All-girls 9-12 La Canada-Flintridge, CA

Foxcroft School All-girls 9-12 Middleburg, VA

Garrison Forest School All-girls 8-12 Owings Mills, MD

Grier School All-girls 7-12, PG Tyrone, PA

Linden Hall All-girls 6-12, PG Lititz, PA

The Madeira School All-girls 9-12 McLean, VA

Miss Porter's School All-girls 9-12, PG Farmington, CT

Oldfields School All-girls 8-12, PG Glencoe, MD

St. Timothy's School All-girls 9-12, PG Stevenson, MD

Salem Academy All-girls 9-12 Winston-Salem, NC

Santa Catalina School All-girls 9-12 Monterey, CA

Stoneleigh-Burnham School All-girls 7-12, PG

what do you think i mean have you heard good about them

thanks about the hme schooling but my mom does not belivie in it to say the least

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    Miss Porter's is probably the most well-known of those that you listed. When it comes down to financial aid, go to the websites of the school's that you want to go, click the admissions section, and there will almost definitely be a financial aid page. Case and point:

    Financial aid and scholarships mean that you must have a record of near perfect grades and once you are admitted you must keep those grades at a near perfect level. I'm afraid these schools do not tend to give financial aid to "average" students, so hopefully you won't have a problem with that. You mentioned you had good grades, it just depends on how good they are. I hate to tell you this, but you will have drugs, alcohol, and sex at boarding schools as well, it's just less evident and open. If you're used to co-ed schools then a change to all-girl may be a great thing or a very bad thing for you. It all depends on what you really want. It's easy to get overwhelmed with how a school sounds and looks, but in reality, most schools are less than what they seem. If you keep your expectations lower, the chance of you being disappointed is also lower.

    As far as admissions goes, you are not locked into going to that school if you don't receive financial aid. Also, if you get accepted into more than one boarding school you can choose either one, unless there is a policy that says "by applying to this school you must go here if accepted etc", then you're free to choose. There are different levels of financial aid and you'll have to consider this, mostly it depends on whether or not your parents are below the required income bracket or not, at other schools, it's different. Like I said before, go to the websites of the schools you really want to go to and look at their financial aid information. Also look at what students and former students are saying about the school at places like:

    Boarding School Review, of course.


    and finally, find out what students and alumni are saying at Yahoo! Answers. Best of luck.

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    For the persons that suppose that boarding college is punishment they're incorrect. At boarding college, we're given an possibility to increase bigger relationships with friends and academics. We have journeys off-campus, and lots of boarding scholars get out greater than youngsters that don't board. And it's stimulated for boarders to hold healthful relationships with their households at dwelling, and speak mainly. The option to ship a baby to boarding college is a shrewd option, and needs a accountable scholar. If you are taking the initiative and wish to visit boarding college, you're definitely very mature, and I can guarantee you that it's a nice resolution.

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    Ok, I don't think you should be finding out all this information by yourself, I think you should pick a school and call their office with your parents nearby to take notes. Or go to their websites and read the information. This is a big deal, you will be learning and being educated in these schools so you need to pick the right one, with your parents consent.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

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