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How do I get my money back on ebay if I paid by cashier's check and it was a fraud?

I bought an item online for $410 and sent payment by cashier's check as requested by the seller. The seller had good ratings. He lived in MA and never sent the item. I did all the appropriate actions by contacting ebay, the police over there, and reporting to all agencies informing of the fraud. I live in CA. It has been 4 months. Is there anything I can do?

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    Sounds like you have done the things that can be done. If the police and E-bay can't get your money back, I guess you are going to be out of luck.

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    Certainly! You can have a MA lawyer file a suit for fraud and put a lien on the criminal's house, business, bank accounts, wages, and so forth. Under MA consumer protection laws, you need to file a "demand letter" citing MGL 93A, clearly stating the reason for your demand. Under MA law, you can get not only your attorney's fee paid by the dirtbag, but possibly also TRIPLE damages for fraud. Many attorneys thrive on this sort of contingent-fee stuff, once they find out the perp has assets.

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    Contact your local police and make a fraud report. Since you mailed the funds from your city, they would have jurisdiction in the crime.

    Good Luck.

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