why did the south like Abraham Lincoln so much?!

I'm writing this article on Lincoln and i need to know why the south liked him. and why the north liked him.

please help?! thanks.


one more thing lol, if the south didn't like Lincoln then how would the vote for him?

(i have to convince poeple to vote for him in the news article i'm writing.)

Update 2:

btw, i didn't think that the south liked him but the book that i have tells me to research why the north and south liked him. so yeah lol

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    The vast majority in the South didn't like Lincoln. They wanted to preserve their way of life which included slavery.

    "The southern Democratic wing nominated the present vice president of the United States, John C. Breckinridge of Kentucky, as its presidential candidate, and Joseph Lane of Oregon as his running mate. The southern Democratic platform affirmed the right of the federal government to protect the slaveholder's equal right to settle in a territory."

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    the south wasn't that all fond of the gent but he did have that southern charm and wit that farmers and southern genteel find most attractive (still do!). in fact, abe was the 'darlin' of the south until he expoused the anti-slavery possibility. by the way, let's get this straight: the civil was wasn't over slavery and abe only endorsed anti-slavery when he saw that was the only possible way of getting elected. the war was over states' rights and possible cesession. since the early days of states and federal govt intervention, each of the states felt the hand of fed govt and didn't like it. there would've been a civil war as early as the very early 19th century had it not been for the war of 1812. then, by 1850 the south sounded it's anger at the feds. by 1860, it was all but over. within one year, the war began. lincoln, by the way, when running for office, often stated that if he could let slavery be, he would (when he was in the south) and often stated in the north, the opposite. sitting on the fence gets you in trouble. think i'm wrong? well, see where it got abe.

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    The South didn't vote for him. Look at the election chart from 1860(under source). How did you get the idea that the South liked him? About a dozen states left the union just because he was elected President.

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    In basic terms, the South didn't like Lincoln. They feared his anti-slavery views, and his election was the trigger for the seccession of the Southern states.

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    In most Southern states, Lincoln wasn't even on the ticket (You couldn't go to the ballot box and vote for him),

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    south hated Lincoln....omg....come on.....

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    The south liked him because he was against slavery and wanted to end it.

    and i dont know why the north liked him.

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