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What Do they Look for in A Surgeon?

Like what classes do they have to take or what they have to have when they leave school. Like a diploma or something?

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    Due to the medical demands of our society, we are constantly needing more medical personnel. Becoming a surgeon is a tough goal to achieve between the extensive schoolwork, difficult, thankless internships, and stressful work situations. You will have to be prepared to work through many days without sleep. You may have to tell a family member that their beloved died. You will have to operate on other humans beings. If you are up to it, however, you could leave a wiser, more caring person.

    1. Attend college. When in the undergraduate years, you may major in any field of study. You must, however, meet the requirements to get into medical school. These prerequisites usually include physics, anatomy, calculus, and chemistry. It is highly encouraged you take the MCAT. Many medical schools will not consider students if they have not passed this essential exam. It is wise to take preparatory classes to be sure you have what it takes to pass.

    2. Attend medical school, if you meet the requirements. This is where the major learning takes place. Normally, during the first two years you will be taking basic science classes and getting some exposure to the medical system. The next year you will be exposed to more of the clinical medicine system, learning how the different branches operate and cooperate. In the final year, you will be exposed to more "hands-on" activities, learning more about clinical medicine but also what you specifically do. During this time you will also work on your application to a general surgical residency. Alternatives to general medical school include dental school, then specialization in dental surgery or oral and maxillofacial surgery, and in some jurisdictions such as the United States, podiatric school to qualify to perform surgery exclusively on or around the foot. Veterinarians may perform surgery on animal patients.

    3. Do your internship in the state in which you want to practice. Here is where one gets his or her license to practice. It is more or less a fifth year of med school, but you get a little experience with patients throughout.

    4. Go through a surgical residency program. Surgical residency is where you are exposed to the real surgery and learning how to do your duty. This is usually a 2-8 year process in which you will be rotating through hospitals and clinics and learning more as you go. ER docs and Neurosurgeons have, respectively, the shortest and longest residencies.

    5. Find a workplace. This can be hard, because medical facilities really crack down when it comes to hiring. They won't accept anything but the best. You need a clean record, an impressive resume, and an immense medical knowledge.

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