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Savannah, GA or Portland ,OR


I'm interested in moving to Savannah or Portland- no particular reason, just looking for a change.I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice: how is the life in general? What areas to stay away from, what jobs are available, fun things to do, etc. I currently live in Tampa, FL, life is getting too expensive and too boring.

thank you!

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    savannah- why not try atlanta if you want a fun city to live in

  • albury
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    4 years ago

    the two cities are wonderful of their very own rights- do a splash diagnosis on line and write down experts and cons for each place tos ee which will tournament you greater proper. additionally, it would definitley be a stable concept to bypass to each physique to get a sense for them and to envision out substantial issues like neighborhoods, colleges, paying for, jobs and despite else may well be substantial to you. additionally, the climate is extensively distinctive in those 2 cities. Savannah is warm and humid all summer season with some rain and Portland is lots cooler yet additionally with numerous rain. I happen to love Savannah, yet my brother and mom love Portland- each physique is distinctive so do your examine!!!! stable luck to you!

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