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Hari&&MakeUp?? Pics!!

prettie blonde






Ok so im looking for new hair and make up ideas so if you have any thoughts at all let me know.. And by hair I do mean cuts and colours, as you can see im open to different colours. So be creative, please =]

Oh I almost forgot, make up wise; I tend to just put black eye liner on both top and bottom lids, with a light eye shadow plus mascera.. So i'd like some funky make up tips too!!

Yeah I know the pics are weird, but I didnt ask if I was pretty now did I.. =]=]

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    I say either the red/blonde or the brown, you look prettiest this way. I think you should step out of the "scene" look and go for something more natural. Go to a salon and ask your stylist for a haircut that will fit your frame of face. I somewhat like the way you wear your make-up now, but you seem to like the dark/goth type style of make-up. Either stick with what you have or go more natural. You're a pretty girl, don't hide it under guck.

    Good luck!

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    I would go for the blonde... i think it looks cute!! And the short haircut.! And i would say not so heavy on the eyeliner.. just do top or just do bottom and then make ur mascara look real classy and then do lke some hot pink bluch or something to make things POP!

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    LOVE the blonde.

    You looks really awesome with the blonde, for sure. And the cut is pretty, too!


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    i like the red and brown one !

  • 1 decade ago

    i agree with

    the first one

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