Guys: Why do you think fighting girls is pathetic?

I'll kick your @$$es any day.

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    1 decade ago
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    and you probably could. but the common conception is that if a guy is willing to hit one girl, he'll hit another girl, perhaps his girlfriend or one in a different relation, not all girls feel the same way that you do.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have a policy. Regardless of race, religion, sex, or whatever else comes up, I treat everyone equally. If someone doesn't want to get hit back then don't hit me. Women wanted equal rights, they're going to get them. I grow weary of the entitlement issues that guys have when they say that a woman can have anything she wants that a man can have but don't ever hit a woman.

    A man that babies a woman, wants her to have equality but allows her to slap him around is nothing more than a mere slave to her and doesn't deserve any respect.

    If a woman wants to use her gender to not get hit when she strikes a man then she doesn't deserve to be an equal.

    What's pathetic is when women hit men and then throw up the fact that they're a woman to avoid getting hit back.

    Some women are princesses, just very few of them. Many want to be treated like princesses however they also want the right to knock others around when they don't get their way and they don't like it when their princess status goes down the toilet. When a woman strikes a man she is not a princess of any sort. She resorts back to her vain and selfish stages by hitting.

    It's strange how I also encounter some women that loathe violence but those very same women are always the first ones to hit someone in a relationship.

    I am aware that there are men that beat on women for absolutely no reason whatsoever and that is a crock. Perhaps the woman complained about his clothes lying around or going out with his friends, or drinking too much. On a similar note I had an ex that used to enjoy hitting me in front of her friends when ever I had to work late to show how tough she was in front of her friends. To show that she had control. Little did she know.

    That's why she's my ex.

    Generally speaking, fighting at all is pathetic. I don't want to hit someone back because they elected to hit me in the first place. It would be much better for all of us if we could simply fix the problem and not the blame.

  • 1 decade ago

    Because you just don't fight women. Women should be treated like princesses, not punched in the face.

    A man that fights a woman (unless it's playful) is the one of the lowest forms of human there is.

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