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Are lace-up gowns the same as zip-up gowns?

I have a "wide back" so most sample wedding gowns in size 10 fit (not very tight at all) but wouldn't zip up. I tried another size 14 lac-up one gown (38.5,30,40.5), and it was really big on top and everything was rather a bit loose, so the sales rep said to order 12 (37,28,39) but to wear heavy padded bra.

If I get a lace-up dress, would it be the same issue or should I still go with a size 12? Or should I get my own size 10?

Every wedding gown seems to fit differently so I look at the measurement guides but I still don't know. In some measurement guides I fit an 8 (based on bust,waist,hip) but then I wonder how the back would zip up!

Any ideas?



I'm wondering if they fit the same.

Hugh and the rest of your buddies: if you can't read a question, then don't bother answering. Stating the obvious won't make you Sherlock Holmes in anyone's book.

Update 2:

Hobbsko: thank you for the explanation! that makes more sense. the ones i tried on had a small little zipper but lace-up and the shop owner was tightening them like I was Scarlett from Gone with the Wind lol... So I thought someone with a wider back should get a lace-up.

Update 3:

Karen: Thank you for your answer.

My heart is not set on this but I'm using this specific dress as a guide really (I want to order online)...

This is the specific one I tried on: http://www.romanticbridals.com/dress.asp?ID=1314&p...

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    i had a lace up gown and it had a hidden zipper below the laces. the way it was explained to me is this: the laces are purely decoration...the fit of the gown should be determined by how tight or loose the zipper fits. if it's you can get it zipped but with no room to spare (or breathe, in this case) you probably should consider ordering on size up and having them tailor it to your body. if, after you zip up, the gown is still fairly baggy, try a smaller size to see how that fits.

    if you fit based only on how tight you can pull the laces, remember that knots can get loosened or even untied during the course of the evening. make sure the dress fits securely on your body!

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    You should follow the advice of the sales person. If she recommends a 12 in what-ever style dress (lace-up back or one with a zipper) then go with what she says. She has a lot of experience and those sales people seem to just know.

    The think with lace-up gowns is that they are supposed to fit just as tight as a zip-up one, but many people don't have them pulled and tied tight enough because they buy the incorrect size (thinking the lace up will give them the extra give the need). If you buy a 10 then the lace-up gown will technically close at the back, but it will be pulling and the two edges of fabric will possibly not join together and lie flat at the back seam. It just won't look the way it is supposed to. The Lace-up gowns are sized the same way zip-up gowns are, so the back still won't fit you in a size 10.

    Good Luck!

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    Lol, you question is a little 'all over the place'! Where you should start is to have your measurements taken by a seamstress.

    There are 4 measurements that should be taken by the time you reach the bottom of your rib cage. 1st: Circumference directly under arms 2: Circumference around bust to furthest point, 3: Circumference 1" under bust 4: Circumference 3" under bust

    I might be wrong but from you question I am deducing that your 'wide' problem is Point 3. The saleslady wants to sell you this dress when she should be telling you that if you want this style, find another manufacturer who uses a different type of material inside the bodice or if your heart is set on this dress, go a size bigger and have it adjusted to you. I'll hazard a guess and say this store doesn't offer that service which is why she is saying 'stuff the bra'!

    Something to keep in mind. A lace up back is very sexy but not forgiving meaning it will showcase a perfectly proportioned back but also spotlight if the laces start at a small waist then the suddenly widen in places.

    I wish you had of put a link with a picture of the dress. Good Luck

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    Okay I know exactly what you are talking about I have been trying on dresses for what seems like forever now. and I have the same measurements as you do. The lady that tied up one gown on me i think was trying to make it to wear i couldn't breath. But then the next shop i went to ( i tried on the same dress) it fit nicely. It all depends on how tight you want it. i am getting a lace up, the zipper ones are okay but when and if i sit down in it I almost feel like it is going to break. Maybe it's just me, I like more of the corset style better anyway it seems to be more elegant. try going to the same dress shop on a different day to see if you can get a different consultant to lace you up and see if that makes a difference. I hope this helps.

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    My gown tied, but zipped up part-way as well. You need to plan on it being a zip-up one. If you get a 10, but it's too small, then ties might not be long enough for what you want, and the zipper on that might not zip as well. It's much easier to take a gown in than to make it bigger. I'd get a size 12 if that's what works best. Don't plan on the lacing giving you extra "give". Plus to lay right, they have to be done tightly. If you got a 10, but it had to be looser, it might not look right!

    Source(s): -I had ordered a size 8, cause that's what the people at the shop told me... I got it in and it just didn't lay right and looked like it was too small for me since the corset couldn't be tied as tightly. I sent it back and ordered a 10 and it was perfect.
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    Most lace up gowns if in the right size can be laced tighter so alterations on the bust are not needed. Zip up can only be adjusted in alterations.

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    Let me just say, lace up is amazing! I was able to tighten/loosen my dress at anytime. Before the ceremony, I had it super super tight so it looked its best. I knew I would be able to loosen it at the reception if I ate a lot (I didn't need to). And I didn't have to worry about the "pull up" that you sometimes have to do when a strapless dress just isn't tight enough. I cannot say enough about how great lace up is. It is also very pretty.

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    I'm not really sure what you are getting at. Most women buy a size that is close to fitting and then have it altered and fitted to their body. This way is is a custom fit. If you are not happy with any of the gowns, keep looking. Ask about alterations. Good Luck!

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    No they are not the same. Lace up gowns would give u a bit more "give".

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    think about that for a minute and ask it to yourself again....

    if it's zipup...it ZIPS UP.....

    if it's laceup...it LACES UP...like a shoe...

    so you tell me? are they the same?

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