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If I'm going to SLI two video cards together, do I need SLI ready RAM? If no, what is the point?


Of course I know how to enable a SLI ready system. I just don't get the point of SLI Ready RAM, which, if you don't even know what it is, I won't waste time with it. Thanks.

Here's some links to allegedly SLI ready ram

Some of them have "SLI Ready" in the name, and the last two have it on the box. I was just tipped off by a friend that they're nothing but an attempt to sucker impulse buying gamers out of their money. They do apparently come with some sort of setting for SLI but it often ends up doing more harm than good.

Thanks for nothing guys ;)

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    i don't get what you mean with SLI ready ram. there is no SLI ram. the video ram is on the graphics card(s) (GDDR2/3/4) and all what you have to do is insert the 2nd video card and connect it with the 1st card using the provided SLI bridge. the 2 graphics cards must be of the same type.

    the system memory can remain as it is.

    i disagree with the 1st answerer. SLI doesn't increase the performance by a factor 2 or more, it's far less, so around 50%.


    you can invest as much money in fast ram as you want, if it doesn't match the technical specifications of your mobo it's money for nothing.

    SLI ready is just a nice phrase but doesn't tell much.

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    You must consult someone you knows quite a bit about computers if you are going to use SLI

    First of all, your motherboard must be able to support SLI. Most motherboards that are manufactured today are capable. You will need at least 2 PCI Express slots too.

    SLI technology links to video cards (which need to be as identical as possible) and this increases efficiency drastically. Rather than buying a 1 GB video card, you can put two 512 MB cards in SLI and get better performance.

    RAM has nothing to do with SLI.

    Just make sure your motherboard supports SLI. If so, then go ahead.

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    SLI is a feature of your video card(s) and motherboard, it's not affected by your system RAM.

    With the two cards linked together in SLI mode, your video performance improves drastically, usually better than single cards costing twice as much. Keep in mind that SLI only works between identical Nvidia cards...


    It's just a marketing term like the "Compatible with Windows XP" stickers you might see on some computers - such as having any processor above the minimum requirement.

    Some companies now slap an "Nvidia SLI approved" sticker on heat spreaders, just because the RAM module has one attached. In theory manufacturers might also make such RAM sticks lower latency like "gamer memory", but check the link below. Note that the SLI reference isn't even about the RAM itself, just the head spreader.

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