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Do you need ink for lightscribe?

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    No. The lightscribe burner burns the image on the lightscribe disc.

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    No you do not. However you do need special 'Lightscribe' discs, and a Lightscribe enabled disc.

    A dye in the surface of the discs turns dark when subjected to the laser light from the disc writer.

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    Nope. Just the lightscribe discs.

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    No - but you need to buy the Lightscribe discs. They're photo-sensitive - the react to a laser light.

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    Nope not at all, the information is etched to a special layer on the top of the disc by a laser.

  • Eman
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    1 decade ago's done purely by laser (using the appropriate discs)

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    Source(s): But you need the right type of cds
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