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public school or private read the detailed part so that ur informed about situation

idk wat to do about school I curently go to a coed private school but was accepted to a public grl skul? The benefits are that the grl skul is free since its public and my parents wouldnt hav to pay. We get macs, and the education is all honor. The bad thing is its small and their all grls, tough,no athletic programs.

My private skools bad things r we hav to pay, do not allow me honors, no free transportation the Good things r... sports,clubs,friends,good food, big school partys??

Idk help me world!!!

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    Write out your goals first. What do you want to do after school. Go to college? Major in ???? What do you want to do career wise.

    Then think about your goals, and how each school would help you attain them.

    If you can take and pass honors classes, that will give you a big jump start on college.

    If money is an issue for your family, it might be better to go to the public school, and save that private tuition for college. If you went to community college for the first two years, your private school tuition should more than cover it.

    You'll make friends at the new school, for athletics you can always join recreation department or city leagues. You could also volunteer to work with Special Olympics to get out and moving. The new school might have clubs, and if not, maybe you could start one based on your most favorite. The food might not be bad, you never know. I work at a public school in a very poor neighborhood. The ladies in the kitchen LOVE to cook, and we have some of the best school lunches around!

    Good luck with your decision!

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    I don't know anything about the friends and parties, but if you are attending a public school you are entitled to all areas- whether offered on that campus or not. For example- If you want to play sports, you can request to do so on another campus...

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