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Applying Sevin Dust To Birds To Kill Mites

My birds have red mites and fowl mites and the vet has recommended I apply sevin dust to them . I have read that this is very dusty and my birds will probably freak out and start flapping creating more dust. I have also read that you shouldnt breath in that dust. What about my birds and their delicate respiratory system? I used ivermectin on them last time, but the vet says ivermectin will not kill fowl mites. This is the second time they have gotten mites. I am at my wits end as I am not sure what to do. Also what about cleaning their cages? I spent $3000.00 2 months ago replacing everything, cages toys, supplies etc. I cant do that again. How will I know if I have properly cleaned everything? ANY HELP THAT ANYONE HAS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.Thank You.

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    Good Lord, do NOT use sevin dust. Go to the FEED store and get something used on chickens for mites. Don't use the sevin dust. There are plenty of things you can get at the pet store that are very effective on birds to kill mites. Do not spray it in their face. Clean the cages with soap and water, then spray a solution of bleach on every thing, let it stand for 30 minutes and rinse well. Make the solution half bleach and half water. YOu have to rinse very well. Your cages should be totally cleaned with a milder solution of bleach and water (4 oz to 1 gal of water) at least once a month. Dirty cages can attract certain types of mites, not to mention bacteria.

    Source(s): I am a vet and breed many kinds of birds.
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    Sevin Dust For Chickens

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    For 60+ years, my grandmother has put the sevin-dust into some little 'bags' cut out of old panty hoes and then she just shakes it over her plants. This makes for a very even application and it's cheap! Hope this helps.

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