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Pit Bulls with blue eyes ?

Ok, I have a question. If one of the APBT's faults is blue eyes, Why are people breeding them with blue eyes ? And then they want to charge an enormous amount for a faulty dog ? This past week i've came across atleast 20 horrible backyard breeders breeding dogs that were quote on quote " Bulliest" and " Masculine" ? Who looks for that in a dog ?

Anyways, I thought that was weird.. I mean, whats the point of breeding APBT's if your not going to try to better the breed ?


APBT's aren't guard dogs. They make terrible guard dogs. They're too human friendly. To some degree they will protect you if they feel a threat is approaching, but all dogs have the capability to protect.

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    Most of the people wanting the muscular bulliest of the breed are those who's own manhood is lacking and feel the need to compensate for it elsewhere.

    There are a lot who breed to get what THEY think looks good, to create an unnatural dog. This is exactly why APBTs have a bad reputation. It's dissapointing and sad really, I've met some of these dogs and they do not look natural and I would never own one. Infact thats all I knew of the breed before I got Max. He changed my whole perspective on them and made me realize what kind of dog they really are.

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    Everyone hit the nail on the head here,Backyard breeders ruin any breed,they breed for $ and there biggest buyers are the uneducated,ignorant people that dont even take the time to research a breed for what it is bred for and what is a fault.These people also then adapt the sellers views,think they can make money breeding(in which you could NEVER do)and continue to ruin a breed.The question should be HOW DO WE STOP THIS? This mentality has ruined many breeds to name a few The Collie(thanks to the popularity of Lassie)The Cocker(Thanks to Lady and the tramp)The Dalmation(101 Dalmations)Chihuahua(Yo Taco Bell,and Paris Hilton)GSD(Rin Tin Tin)Rottweiler(The Omen,The Media scare,Myths)Pit Bulls(Ganster mentality, the Media) Scare,Myths,Lil Rascals)Dobies(Media scare,myths) and many more to come.

    The public needs to be educated and it starts with those that love there breed.

    As far as the Pit bull,even though they can register these poorly bred dogs,they could not win a show,after many years of people that have unsuccessfully won at existing shows they created a new name and mentality for the new style now called Bullies and now have a new registry and a show forum,many of these bullies are a cross between a pit and another larger breed such as the neapolitan mastiff,Bull Mastiff,Presa Canarios etc. It is yet to be seen on if this new style will continue or if it is a fad but it looks like they are here to stay,the question is will they now be an actual breed or just an offshoot of the pit?If they become an actual breed seperate,who is going to set a standard and history ethics health testing,what they are actually bred for(oh boy,will they admit for fad and fashion?) etc.So anyone not educated on on a Pit Bull,DO NOT fall for that car salesman mentality and buy a lemon,research the breed,obtain the U.K.C. standard found online and find a breeder that stands true to the history,standard,health of this great breed.The TRUE American Pit Bull is rare(Blue is not,Blue is a breeding fault),I have found very few so-called Pit Bull websites(and even ads in Dog Fancy) that actually have the pedigree that makes a True Pit Bull.Feel free to email me and Ill send you in the right place.Sorry this is so long but I am sick of Backyard breeders and how they target the un-educated owners.Anyone that loves there breed of choice will understand this.

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    That is the point of a back yard breeder. They breed just for money, not quality or to preserve the breed. That is a big part of the bad reputation pit bulls have, bad breeding and no training. Pit bulls were not developed as guard dogs, and a properly breed and socialized APBT is not human aggressive. But it doesn't matter what breed it is, if a backyard breeder finds something in his dogs that make it different, he will charge more and call it "rare", seriously effecting the overall quality, health, and reputation of a breed, all in the name of MONEY.

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    It's the same reason people randomly breed Chihuahuas, Labs, and 'designer mutts'. They want money.

    Pit Bulls, because of their reputation, will sell to a much larger (and worse suited, if you get my drift) crowd if they are stocky and look like they are on steroids. It's an image thing.

    As for blue eyes, there are people breeding White Boxers and German Shepherds just for the money. It's a fault, and can cause sunburn, skin cancer, and even deafness/blindess for the puppies, because white skinned dogs are more prone to these things (especially when it's not the breed standard).

    To sum it up, ignorance, lack of research, and money, money, money.

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    I totally agree with you. This idiot that I know, bought what HE thought was a APTB for $1000 when he got that thing home, it had the longest hair I have ever seen on a so called purebred APBT and the prettiest blue eyes. I think the reason people still breed them with blue eyes is even though it is considered a fault, you can still register them and show them. Its retarted.

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    For the same reason that people are breeding Labradoodles, Maltipoos, Puggles, etc. It's all about the $. Period. People who breed against a breed standard or breed mutts on purpose, only have one purpose themselves; the allmighty dollar. People who know nothing about APBT's will probably find blue eyes as being cute, instead of being proper. $$$$$$$

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    Exactly. There are "breeders" out there who purposely breed dogs with faults. Whether it's because they, themselves, like the looks, or people buy the puppies for more money, they still breed them. A responsible breeder would NOT breed a dog with faults. In this case, it'd be blue eyes. In other breeds, it could be mismarks, coat color, etc. It happens in every breed. Any breeder who purposely breeds dogs for faults shouldn't be supported.

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    Money is probably the point There are people out there who want to buy big, macho dogs so they can hang a "beware of dog" sign in their yard.

    Pit bulls can be sweet dogs, but they're guard dogs. Pitt bulls, doberman pinchers, and rottweilers are known to attack intruders and owning one makes your insurance rates higher. We used to have a doberman, he was really sweet, but he did attack someone once.

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