How to feed a baby deer

K guys, I've ran into a problem, and now I have a baby deer. The poor think can't be that old either. It has three bottom teeth, and thats all. No top teeth, and he is really small. I heard goat milk was good for it, but I can't get it to eat out of a bottle, so I tried a bowl, can't do that either.

First off, no Im not keeping it, Someone is comming for it saturday, but I can't just let it starve until then, thats just wrong.

Is there somthing besides goat milk? How do I get it to eat? Should I prepare the milk a certain way first?



Please stop telling me to take the fawn to a Wildlife and fishery place, or what ever. Im taking it to the hatisburg zoo, where they take care of their animals, yes they have deer, or atleast they did when I was last there. Any ways, I'm sure they will take it. But I can't take it down there until SATURDAY!

But I can't just let the poor thing starve, I need to get it to eat, HOW CAN I GET IT TO EAT?! Please read the questionsw again, after you read this.

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    If you 'found' the deer, its very likely you took the baby from its mother. Many baby deer remain 'hidden' while the mother goes to feed, finding their young later. Its not unusual for a baby deer to be alone for hours at a time.

    That being said, yes- goat's milk would work. DO NOT GIVE COW'S MILK! That goes for any wildlife- except for baby cows. Cow's milk can kill many baby animals.

    And its still very good advice to contact an animal rehabilitation shelter to get information. Can you contact the zoo? They should be able to give you advice over the phone- as will an animal rescue place.

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    Oh my...I think you may have put yourself into an unnessary position. The Doe has probably hidden the Fawn so she could forage for food without the worry of the little ones safty. If the Fawn really is an orphan, the kindest thing for you to do is call your local Ministry of Natural Resourses/forestry or even the local SPCA. Deer at that young age need mothers milk and when that becomes unavailabe often professional rehabilitators will have a sourse of another suitable milk on hand. Where I come from there is a family who take in orphaned moose and deer, they have a goat who will fgeed anything...they put the goat up on a table and the moose or deer will feed the "proper" way. I don't imagin you have a goat handy? Good luck with the baby...I hope it does well.

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    First off, what you are doing is illegal and just plain wrong. Any milk at all will keep it from going hungry. You just don't understand, sad. In the wild a fawn gets feed once every 4 to 6 hours until it grows old enough to run really well on its own. Honestly, wildlife biologist, rehabbers and the like have just quit taking in deer, even fawns. There are just too many of them. In places they are pest. Let Nature do it's thing.

    Leave the wild to the wild.

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    It would be best to contact a local wildlife rehabilitation organization and ask them to come get the deer. Their staff is trained in these types of situations. (link is to help you find an organization nearby)

    State laws vary but you might be violating a local law by keeping this animal. You should contact your state wildllife department to find out whether you are legally able to keep this animal in captivity.

    Good luck with the baby deer.

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    Did the same thing when i was little and it cot scowers and almost died i still take care of them now BUT I HAVE HAD LOTS OF EXPERIENCE so dont do it take it to wildlife center OK feed it with canned milk weakend with water

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