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BB9: Rex is awesome!

Rex to win!! He has been by far one of the best housemates this year. He has spoken his mind, not played a game and stayed true to himself. Plus the way he was speaking about his girlfriend in last night's episode was so cute. He's clearly a good guy.

And in tonight's showing he's apparently been in charge of the shopping list and spent all the money ordering 61 tokens! Being on a basic budget, the house had £77 to spend and he spent £61 of that on tokens! All he bought for housemates was tea, coffee and one packet of custard creams! He then went back to the rest of the housemates and said Big Brother had instructed him not to say anything (so that he wouldn't have to tell them what he did) but Kat goes 'If Rex did the shopping list, it'll be fine'. Hahaha, if only she knew! So funny - what a legend! Rex to win, for sure! The other housemates are welll boring compared - he's got to be one of the most entertaining ones!

Sorry for the rant but as you can probably tell...REX TO WIN!

Anyone agree?

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    I love Rex. He is just so refreshing. I think Dale has caught on to the fact that the public like the way he is acting and he is trying to be more like him. Clever. But he will never win. REX TO WIN!

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    I love Rex he is so funny when he is winding them all up and he's so cool. I think he's got a bit meaner now because luke nd bex started talkin 2 him about kat nd rachel being fake but he's still really nice and geniune.

    Rex to win !!

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    rex is another GIMP!!

    get the ginger oot the house too, picking on people who wont stand up for them self, nothing more than a ginger bullie, who spends daddys money!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree he can be very entertaining but the way he's badgered some of the others ( eg. Rachel, Maysoon ) was uncalled for & just plain nasty.

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  • MJ
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    1 decade ago

    i cant wait to see there reaction it will make me laugh my head off seeing him ordering it makes me laugh

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    No! lol. I think he's absolutely vile and I hope he goes on Friday!

  • Madina
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    1 decade ago

    No he is horrible, arrogant and self-centred

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