What are the issues in construction project management???

I'm preparing my final year thesis. I want to think of a title based on the controversial issues in construction project management. Anyone has any suggestion?

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    I don't think they are much different to most projects. Typically they relate to Scope (managing variations), Time (keeping all the activities coordinated and on time), Resources (getting the right people in the right place at the right time), Cost (keeping a lid on the budget), Communication (letting everyone know what is going on), Risks (planning for and avoiding risks), Quality (making sure it gets done right), Procurement (getting the best deal) and Integration (getting it all to work together)

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    Construction Management Issues

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    A construction project require a variety of materials, skills at various stages of construction. So at every stage, requirement of materials and human skills differ. Hence you need to first schedule the project and plan your materials and skills stagewise. Ofcourse, designing and planning is assumed to have been completed. The cost of constructions materials vary considerably from time to time. Storage of materials and issue is another issue. I am not a professional. But I could visualize some of the issues. This would help you to initiate your thesis.

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    There are a lot of issues in construction management. From personal experience, contruction/project managers don't really seem to do much (especially for government/public service companies), they are more or less glorified baby sitters for construction workers.

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    Project management has some simple objectives:- Deliver on time, on spec, on budget To do this needs high quality agreement on scope and timescale, good planning, proper resources and management of execution

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