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I am still in love with my abusive ex partner. What do I do??

I knew very well my ex was insecure when we met 4yrs ago but chose to stand by him through thick and thin because I was in love. We were very sexually active and affectionate, absolutely INSEPARABLE - one time in the beginning, an ex called me to say hi and I said 'I cant talk right now' (just wanting to get rid of him) my ex though it meant I didnt care and started taking my phone, monitoring my txts and calls, accusing me of flirting and then cheating - I started constantly trying to prove my INNOCENCE to him and that I ONLY HAD EYES FOR HIM but he had lost all trust. He DROVE me to leave him and I started seeing other guys. I was honest when we got back together but this just gave him AMMUNITION so he was always punishing me emotionally and a few times physically for hurting him and breaking his heart!!

Now facing court over his abuse. He's even been to JAIL for breaching bail conditions. I hate his crap still LOVE HIM we have a 2yr year old son he doesnt see because he needs help!

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    If you cannot think of your own safety, then at least consider your son. Think of what this innocent child is going to grow up like if you allow an abusive mate back into your life, the boy will follow in dad's footsteps and another generation of Abuse will be put in place. This man does not and will not ever believe you were not cheating, for him it is an excuse to hurt you.......Jail, Bond Conditions have no effect on him. Do not walk away from him, RUN for your LIFE and your SON's this man will stop at nothing until he has gone to jail, had counseling and Anger Management classes and even then I would be very cautious. He has done a number on your self esteem, now break free from him and learn to love yourself, know that you deserve Love, Respect and FAIR treatment and so does your son. If you go back with him you are telling him it is ok to abuse you and eventually your son.

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    He needs 2 be on antidepressants & get counseling, if hes not willing Im sorry but you have 2 let him go. I have about the same problem minus the kid & court issues. My boyfriend would get violent in the beginning of the relationship until I stood up 2 him (physiclly) he knew I could get ALOT more psycho than him & I wasnt gonna take it anymore! And later emotionally when I started seeing other guys. If he was going 2 hurt me Ill be damned if Im gonna sit aroudn & take it, he got what he deserved & I got what I deserved, time away with some freedom. He brings it up once in ahwile & has 2 calm himself down, but when they get 2 that state leave it alone, dont try 2 defend yourself or fuel the fire.

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    I was with a guy like that for 4 years. Had a Baby and got beat every day. The last time he tryed to hit me was when i was feeding my Daughter i almost dropped her. I put her on the Floor got Scissors and told him if he ever would touch me again i will kill him. He turned around and walked out. I would never let a man put me down was hard to take care of a baby by myself but i did it and i been married now for 19 years. He will never stop...get away!!! You and your child deserve better!!!! Some counseling for you would not be bad cause if you love someone like that you propably have low self esteem!!! Good Luck to you and your Baby!!!

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