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a wierd 1! i go to the gym alot and have a very athletic body pecs, six pack, biceps etc.. why cant i women???

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    Most women are much deeper than that, and don't just focus on the exterior. You have to have the personality to back it up. If all you are interested in is your physique, then what is there to talk about but yourself?

    Most women want learn about who you are inside, what you think about things, how you feel. Not about how you look on the outside, what you think about yourself, and how your pecs feel.

    Get some more diverse interests, read more, see more movies, learn about the world. THAT is what interests women and what will keep them interested once your outward appearance starts to fade.

    And also, most women (dispite popular belief) are not that interested in guys with bodies which have been worked to the max. Studies show that women prefer a man who looks like he got his muscles working in the yard, not the gym. Maybe you should tone it down.

    Having said all that, if the gym is what you really love and your physical appearance is really important to you, then you will eventually find a woman who feels the same way. If that is the case, just be patient. As I say, she will not be like most women. Therefore, she will be harder to find.

    Good Luck.

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    It's more about the personality!

    But Of course you should care for your cleanliness: white teeth, clean clothes, shaved or look clean, brushed or styled hair and Confident, Loving, Funny person that's the best thing about a man of course intelligence is a must. It doesn't mean you should lose your pecks but it means you should concentrate more on YOU.

    Peace :)

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    Maybe not all women like that. I like a guy who is loving and gives respect. I don't care how they look. Maybe you should try harder.

    Trust e, you'll find a great young woman to spend your life with ! Hope this helpes, and good luck.

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    Body isn't everything, me personally not all that fond of an extremely fit body. Especially when it looks like your skin is going to tear!!! Should look into your approach to woman.

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    Maybe women think you are to into yourself. You may not even try to come across like that but try to be nice, like gentleman like to women. Treat them with respect and they will come to you.

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    Not all women like that.

    Personally is grosses me out, and my mind automatically assumes the guy is full of himself/an ******!

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    What? reword your question

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