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verbal understanding/skills of a one yr old

ok so my daughter babbles alot & even says a few words (even though she rarely uses them at the correct times)

anyway-I was just wondering when do most babies start responding to verbal commands

like if I say where's daddy about when should she turn to actually look for daddy? (shes 1 now & doesnt really do this yet)

Also is it normal that they go through verbal phases? like for a week all she said was Dog, dog, dog, ca (for cat) ca, ca

now for like a week all she says is uh-oh & buh bye (even at times when its not needed to say)

but when I point to the dog & say "whats that" she doesnt respond with "dog" A word that like 2 weeks ago she said all the time when she saw them

do they just get bored with words?

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    A lot of her behavior has to do with your response. If you get really happy and excited when she says "buh-bye," she's likely to repeat that word excessively to get that same reaction.

    Instead of asking her "what's that?" when you see the dog, try asking "where's the dog?" This challenges the child to identify the object that goes with the word, but is a lot easier to do than coming up with the word themselves.

    When you expose her to new vocabulary, try to go over it frequently. Talking about it and identifying the object. Ask her "Where is this/that?" It can become a very fun game for young toddlers and is a good way for you to gauge how much they understand and how quickly they pick up new vocabulary.

    I'm sure your pediatrician has told you to talk to your daughter constantly. As your talking to her, explaining what you're doing, things will start to click that will help her learn to follow directions. For instance, explaining that you are laying her down to change her diaper can turn into a good first command. "I'm laying you down to change your diaper." "Let's lay down to change your diaper." ""Go lay down so I can change your diaper."

    Following commands should happen in the next few months, but all children are different.

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    It pretty much all depends on the environment of the child. My niece is an only child (about 1 and half years old), and she lives with her mother and father and goes to a baby sitter (the baby sitter doesn't talk to her much). She can say bye bye and da da and shhh.

    However my cousin who is about two lives with her sister and brother, her mother, her aunt, and regularly sees her aunts and uncles along with family friends and grandparents. She can jabber a lot for someone her age and respond to many things such as "put that away" or "is that delicious?" Two girls who are around the same age range (1-2 years) yet their speaking/communication/understanding skills are VERY different.

    I'd say most children can speak/communicate/understand a fair amount by three (at least in my culture) but I've known some kids that barely say a few words until they're 4. It depends on your daughter, but I wouldn't worry so much. Kids say funny things.

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    they do get words that they dwell on, and i dont know when they are 'supposed' to respond, but by one my daughter could fallow simple directions, like throw this in the trash or get ur cup or sit down things like that. so i dont know, it sounds like shes fine i wouldnt be worried or anything, id say by the time she 1 1/2 she should be able to answer u vebaly and listen to simple directions. 4.dont worry one day ull wake up and shell just be spitting out sentances!

    EDIT:but some kids dont talk till 2 ive known some who waited till 4.

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