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How do you turn off the automatic door lock/unlock function on 09 Toyota Corolla?

I've followed the instructions in the owners manual where it says to have your car ignition in the "on" position, then within ten seconds shift to park and press/hold the door luck button for at least 5 seconds. It says that when the function has been set, the doors will unlock & lock.

I've tried this multiple times (both with the car engine on & off, with the doors locked & unlocked), but nothing seems to work. I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has run into the same problem and if so, how did you fix it?

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    This is what it says in my 2008 Matrix's owner's manuel (which has that feature).

    Mode 1 - Automatic locking linked with the shift position.

    Mode 2 (!! THE ONE YOU WANT !!) - Functions cancelled

    Mode 3 - Automatic locking and un-locking linked with the shift position

    Mode 4 - Automatic locking and un-locking linked with the shift possition and ignition switch


    1. Set the interior light switch to the "DOOR" position.

    2. Shift the selector level into the "P" position and close ALL the doors.

    3. Turn the ignition switch to the "ON" position.

    4. Within 5 seconds after the ignition switch is turned to the "ON" position, push and hold the power lock door switch on the front side door for about 5 seconds.

    5. The interior light will flash to indicate that the mode has been changed.


    The flashing of the interior lights indicates the mode which has been selected.

    - Flashing once = Mode 1

    - Flashing twice = Mode 2 (!! AGAIN...THE ONE YOU WANT !!)

    - Flashing three times = Mode 3

    - Flashing four times = Mode 4

    This may or may not work since these instructions are for 2008 Matrix (which is essentially the same car as the Corolla with different styles)

    Good luck!

    Source(s): My Matrix's owners manuel
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    Toyota Corolla 2008

    Get in car and close all doors.

    Make sure your car is in "Park" ( "P" )

    Set Door Open Indicator Lamp to a setting where it is off.

    I think I used the middle settings for always off. Try this first.

    Leave seat belts off.

    Unlock all the doors with the power lock button.

    Put key in ignition and turn to ON position

    After at least one chime, Press and Hold the lock button

    until the Door Open Indicator Lamp starts to flash.

    If there is no flashing you need to change the mode

    of the Lamp and start over this procedure

    until a setting for the flashing works.

    When it flashes pay careful attention here.

    If it flashes once, your car logic is in Mode 1.

    two, for Mode 2, etc.

    There may be 4 modes that cycle.

    You want the number of flashes to be "2"

    Mode 2 should stop the Auto Locking feature completely.

    However test it. Unlock doors, start car and put in drive

    with brake on of course.

    If doors do NOT lock automatically your day is made !

    Put back in park and turn off key.

    Again, nothing should change the current locking position.

    If for some reason, the auto locking is still present,

    perhaps your Modes are different,

    cycle through the other modes, and retest.

    Hopefully you will achieve the desired results on another mode.

    If not, this fix just isn t for your make and model or whatever.

    Worked fine on my Toyota Corolla 2008.

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    I have just the opposite problem. I bought the Le with premium package and I need to turn headlights on. Yet my 2010 corolla they turned on automatically.

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    if you cant do it how the owners manual says, the dealership can do it with their laptop. they will probably charge you for it...1/2 hour??? but if it bothers you that much, they can do it.

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