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Is it possible to aquire this hairstyle, and how??

ok, u can call me a fag or watever, but im serious about this one, my hair is decently long and i never used any other chemicals besides shampoo and gel. I was wondering if it were possible to make my hair look a lot like Squall in Final Fantasy VIII OR have my hair look like Collin Farrel's straight hair in the movie "Phone Booth". I have very little knowledge of good hair products to use or if salons can do it, but IF i go to a salon, wat do i tell them specifically so they would do the job exactly the way i want it? My hair right now is between wavy and straight. I would look sooo good if I got it like either of the too I mentioned

here are links for reference

Youtube thumbnail


Squall is the guy with the balck clothes and brown hair. the guy u see most of the time in the vid. if u dont like System of a Down, juss mute it.

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    as long as you go to a good salon... just bring them a pic, they can do anything... also, ask them if they think it'll look good with the way your hair is... the only thing that might be a problem if you have wavy hair, you are gonna have to straighten it everyday

  • the links didnt work dude, sorry

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