who do you think is going to be the winner of .............?

who do you think is going to be the winner of :

hinata vs ino

hinata vs sakura

hinata vs tenten

hinata vs neji

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    Hinata uses the light fist technique so she is a close rage combat fighter, this puts her at a disadvantage against tenten as she fight from a distance with shiruken. I think she would lose against her.

    We dont see a lot of ino apart from the fact she can use that soul capture teqniqe so i dont know about her.

    In the original naruto series she probably would have beaten the crap out of sakura, however know sakura has improved a lot, she has incredible streght so at close range it would be favoured to her side, asuming hinata dosent affect her chackra flow. I think sakura would still win though

    Against neji she would not stand a chance, for starters he is her cousin so she would no want to fight him and on top of that neji's byakugan is way more andvanced then hers. As we saw in the exams he is able to block her chackra spots. He has improved a lot since then and can use 128 palms and palm rotation.

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