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Wat do u have to say abt wisdom,spirituality and courage?

Pls ansr quick....I need it 2mrw.....


Thanku for anrn quick Jan....thx...its nice...I'am definitely gonna use it!

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    Wisdom breeds spirituality, and thus courage.

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    All three can be considered the same in that they lead to the same result. Courage is the bases for which to bring about wisdom and spiritual virtues. It takes courage to leave behind, or surrender previously held beliefs that are often attachments and impediments on spiritual progress. Thus is takes courage and integrity to choose to adopt a lifestyle of being compassionate and forgiving as what one has become rather than using these at our own personal expedience (conditional).

    Wisdom is being what is know rather than 'knowing about.' All opinions are intellectual vanities and have no verifiable reality. Wisdom is usually accompanied by a simplistic lifestyle and reverence for beauty and ascetics.

    Spirituality is the one out of the three less known about because of preconceived notions of ideas about it. What is commonly believed about spirituality is often what it is not. Spirituality is a lifestyle that emphasis the formless, nonlinear, world of context rather than the material, linear world of form as content. Spirituality cannot be achieved with out wisdom or courage thus this is an excellent question to ask and probably one of the most overlooked topics that can be of great benefit of mankind.

    Source(s): Teachings of Dr. David R. Hawkins (also see calbratable level of human consciousness)
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    There is no wisdom without worship. The reason, worship is when your life has been directed and changed by that which you worship.

    Courage is a state when we are willing to do that which is right and all our senses tells us we maybe effected by our actions but we know it is the right thing to do.

    Courage is to act without regard for the consequences

    Spirituality is the reality beyond the physical and mortal. Just maybe the only true reality.

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    Wisdom means "I know"

    Spirituality means "I believe"

    Courage means "I will"

    Wisdom means almost nothing without spirituality, the superior level of knowledge is not physical but spiritual...

    In most of the cases you need some courage to know and to believe...

    I WILL KNOW and I WILL BELIEVE, because I have the COURAGE

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