Why don't Jehovah's Witness Churches have any windows?

Honest question . . . . and can anyone explain to me more about this religion? I never knew much about it. Thanks :)


So mainly because of vandalism? I've lived up north (Philadelphia area) and now live down south (Bible belt - Alabama) and all the ones I've ever seen never had any windows.

Update 2:

Sorry - Kingdom Halls. I didn't know what they were called.

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    << Why don't Jehovah's Witness Churches have any windows?

    I have never seen a Kingdom hall without windows.

    << and can anyone explain to me more about this religion? I never knew much about it.

    It is not possible to give a complete overview of our beliefs in a forum like this. If you contact a congregation near your home we will be happy to talk with you and answer any question you might have. You can contact us here:


    For further information you can also visit one of our websites:



    About us: http://www.watchtower.org/e/jt/article_01.htm

    Some basic believes are:

    1. ) We believe in one God named Jehovah. God is love. He is also holy, just, wise and almighty. God is the only one thats worthy to be worshiped. We pray to him through Christ.

    2.) God created heaven and earth. He created humans in "his image". They lived in full harmony with God and each other on a perfect earth created by God.

    3.) The first humans strayed away from God by refusing to obey his laws. This is how sin came into the world by misuse of free will. All humans inherited a sinful imperfect nature from Adam, the first human. Because of this imperfect nature all humans suffer and eventually die.

    4.) God sent his son Jesus to earth. By believing in him we can be fully reconciled with God through the ransom sacrifice of Christ. As Christians we symbolize our belief in Jesus our Lord and Savior and our dedication to God by being baptised in Jesus name.

    5.) God also lovingly gave us his inspired word, the Bible and the Holy Spirit to help us. We try to follow the commandments in the Bible and the guidance from Holy Spirit in all aspect of our life.

    6.) Jesus, the king in Gods kingdom, will rule in righteousness and soon (no we don't know HOW soon) recreate a perfect world where all humans once again will live in full harmony with God and each other.

    7.) In order for this to be possible those who refuses to obey Gods laws will be destroyed. But it is not for us to judge each other, the judgment belongs to God.

    8.) As Christians we are obligated to share the good news about Gods Kingdom with others. We enjoy sharing Gods word the Bible with other people and helping them to get closer to God through Christ.

    9.) We try to honor God by being exemplary in the Christian conduct that we recommend to others. We believe in living morally clean lives. We are peaceful people and do not participate in wars. We do not lie, steal or murder. We obey the law and are productive members of the society.

    10.) We are organized in the same way as the first Cristian congregation. We have no professional clergy class, but are all equal as brothers. Jesus is our only leader. "Elders" are assigned to take care of the spiritual need of the congregation.

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    The Kingdom Hall I went to growing up had windows. I was there until about the age of 8. Then they built a new one because of the growth of the congregations and the new one didn't have windows.

    One thing I noticed is that the hall I went to as a child was kind of "hidden" back in the woods and it had windows, while the new one was put on a main street and it didn't have windows. As others mention its mostly to avoid vandalism and to cut costs. With the other hall being not-so-easy-to-find there was probably less chance of vandalism than with the one on the main street.

    The new Hall eventually had to also have a gate put around it because kids were constantly walking through the parking lot, smoking cigarettes, leaving trash, etc. By the way, do most churches have windows? Because honestly, I've never noticed being able to see inside churches from the outside either, if you're concerned about outsiders being able to look in. The Kingdom Hall is a public place the doors are unlocked during meetings so if anyone is curious about what's going on inside they can just come in. No need to peek through the windows.

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    Very good answers so far. The Kingdom Halls that I've attended all have windows. When I visited my grandmothers congregation in Inkster Michigan (that's been almost 20 years ago now) her hall didn't have windows, they had 2 brothers guarding the door and a 9 foot chain link fence. Before the fence cars would get stolen out of the lot during the meetings. Some guy had just shot up a house and ran into the Kingdom Hall to hide (hence the need for brothers to guard the door). It was broken into repeatedly and when no money was found they got upset and vandalized the inside. It just depends on the budget, preferences of those that will be attending, location etc.

    If you'd like to know more about us you can check out the official website at http://www.watchtower.org/e/beliefs_and_activities... you'll find it informative and accurate.

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    First of all if you're curious go to a meeting. You might find you like it. They don't ask for collections, and you will be greeted with a hand shake and welcomed from the heart. I've been asked this question before about the windows. The Kingdom Halls are built by the brothers and sisters. They use their own money. They build them for economy reasons. Keep the cost of lights, air and such down as much as possible. Everything is paid by the brothers and sisters too. No collections, you donate if you want to. Also, like the sister said, vandalism against religions and their property. Very few have respect anymore for anyone or anything. It's Satan's world and he runs it. I hope this helped. Here is a link to WikiPedia.

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    I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and our Kingdom Hall has 6 Big Windows. One of the reasons that a Kingdom hall 25 minutes from ours is the fact that people were constantly throwing rock and breaking them, so it's actually sad that people classify all hall not having windows because we are doing some "different" things, when actually it's for protection in places where people vandalize our place of worship, just because that's exactly what we do there worship!

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    I live in the Atlanta area and the Kingdom Hall I go to has no windows and I can't remember ever seeing one with windows. It is most likely due to vandalism and the cost of having them put in. In some other countries, the Kingdom Halls have open spaces because of there being no air conditioning during the summer and hotter months.

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    Of course we have windows! I am assuming that somebody somewhere has seen a kingdom hall without windows? Thats a new one on me but maybe the vandalism is very high there??? There is nothing secretive about Jehovah's Witnesses. Just have a look at the posted meeting times and come along. Of course you will be welcome.

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    I grew up in a hall that had windows and there were thefts and vandalism issues not just in our building but others as well. It has since been redesigned. An added benefit is not only the ability to focus on what Jehovah is teaching us but in areas where weather is an issue, it is an excellent safety feature. Our assembly hall is a designated hurricane shelter because of its design and location.

    Source(s): Witness with no regrets :-)
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    first you have the good word for our kingdom Hall of Jehovah witness. And for window, every place that i went i never remark a kingdom Hall without windows, maybe the reason were are you from it's too many vandalism in this place.

    Source(s): my experience with the kingdom Hall in Canada and specialy Quebec.
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    Never mind Windows, our kingdom Hall has full out glass doors and panoramic Windows for the whole lobby. It's seperate by a double set of French doors going from the lobby to the hall.

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    Well you got some prettygood answers. Now why don't you just come

    on by and visit. We love to have you and you can see the Kingdom Hall

    for yourself and what we do.

    The first Hall I went to had windows, And now these one doesn't.

    But windows doesn't matter, we are there for Jehovah Psalms 83:18 and

    to follow his son Jesus.

    John 17:3

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