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what is the best lip balm available in the market?

i am looking for the best lip balm to pair with the balm staniac lip stain.. i want one which does not leave white streaks on my lips, will make my lips wrinkle free, smooth, young, has SPF the higher the better, taste good and smells good, affordable and can be worn on its own which can compliment my skin fair rosy tone..i've been using nivea lip care in strawberry kiss..

please include the site where can i get it..

tnx alot!

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    i'd suggest softlips lip balm!

    it's spf 20 and keeps your lips nice and soft.

    there are also a few yummy flavors to choose from!

    personally, i like the strawberry one. ;p

    you can get them at most drugstores! :)


  • harton
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    4 years ago

    Eeek. Well, I've under no circumstances suffered from this kind of main issue, however an major factor you'll be able to do is to be certain to drink lots of water. If you do not drink adequate, exceptionally in a dry atmosphere, it outcome in dry lips. Although I'm no longer one to mention, due to the fact that the position wherein I reside is relatively humid almost always. I'm no longer definite approximately the petroleum jelly even though, on account that I've heard that it may be addictive : /, which means that if you happen to get hooked on it and are ever stuck WITHOUT Vaseline/petroleum jelly, your lips could dry out even worse than earlier than you began making use of the product.

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    Avon Dew Kiss is the very best, order at avon.com. Or try Burts Bees lip shimmer which you can get at any drug store, they have alot of shades and are all natural.

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    I don't think Burt's Bee's Wax Lipbalm has SPF, but it works like a dream.

    Aveeno works great too, and it has SPF.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I second the rose salve reccomendation. Its is so moisturizing, mulit-purpose, and has a light powdery rose scent.

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