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Help me plan 2 meals for $10 at the grocery store???

I need to buy stuff stuff for 2 meals totaling only $10... I am poor right now!! Thanks for ideas!!!!


NO ramen or mac n cheese please!! lol

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    Below are five meal ideas, all costing under $5.00 to make, that starts with macaroni and cheese.

    Macaroni and Cheese Meal #1 - Chili Mac

    To make Chili Mac, you should prepare a box of macaroni and cheese as directed on the package. To this, you should add one can of chili with beans. This will give you plenty of needed protein. You can also add a chopped up and sautéed onion, and a well-drained can of diced tomatoes for your vegetable requirement.

    Macaroni and Cheese Meal #2 - Tuna Surprise

    Start this meal with a prepared box of macaroni and cheese. Add a well-drained and rinsed can of tuna. You can use either chunk light or white albacore, which is more expensive. To this, add a thinly sliced onion, thin sliced green pepper, and press it into a casserole dish. Top the whole thing with breadcrumbs and put it in the oven until browned across the top. This meal has protein, vegetables, and the carbohydrates you need.

    Macaroni and Cheese Meal #3 - Turkey Divine

    Turkey Divine starts like the others, with a prepared box of macaroni and cheese. This is a great recipe to make when you have a lot of turkey leftovers, like after Thanksgiving. You can, however, use chicken, or even canned turkey or chicken chunks.

    To the macaroni and cheese, you will add bite-size chunks of the turkey, a drained can of peas, and one cup of sour cream. Mix this all together, spread into a casserole pan, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, and cook until browned on the top and warmed through.

    Macaroni and Cheese Meal #4 - Pizza Noodles

    This macaroni and cheese meal is sure to become a favorite. To the pot of prepared noodles and sauce, add some browned sausage, cooked onions, mushrooms, pepperoni, or any other pizza toppings your family enjoys. Spoon in about ½ cup of pizza sauce from a jar and stir well.

    Macaroni and Cheese Meal #5 - Ham and Cheese, Please

    This one meal is lacking vegetables, but is still a great quick meal to make with macaroni and cheese. You should mix the prepared macaroni and cheese with chunks of cooked ham. You can also use slices of deli ham if you wish. It should be layered in a casserole dish with slices of cheddar or even American cheese and baked until cooked through.

    These macaroni and cheese meals cost under $5.00 to make and serve your family. Not only are they cheap, they are much more nutritious than plain boxed macaroni and cheese, and they are more delicious as well.

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    1 meal = crunchy tacos

    1 meal = spaghetti

    2 pounds of hamburger, make one pound into tacos, you can buy cruncy shells (store brand) for around $1, this will work if you have cheese and lettuce at home, or you can make sloppy joes both should be around $5 to make

    1 pound browned hambuger meat with 1 jar marinara sauce over pasta, these meals will even give you left overs.

    Grocery store tip - if you buy your meat products after 8:00 at night, you will find discounted meats available at that time.

    Another option would be to buy some chicken thighs or legs, they are less expensive then breast meat. Get one baking potato and a bag of your favorite frozen veggie to make a nice meal.

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    I like these sandwiches my mom made for us. They are inexpensive and so good and easy. Just brown a pound of ground beef and drain the fat, add some chopped onion and a can of cream of mushroom soup. Heat through and serve on hamburger buns. This is really good and heats up well the next day.You can also add sliced mushrooms if you like. Don't forget about eggs. they are inexpensive and nutrious. You can do scrambled or omelets filled with cheese and veggies. Big baked potatoes are good too. Some timesI I steam broccoli,cauliflower and carrots or a bag of any frozen or fresh veggies and top a potato with them . Some times a little butter or cheese and it is a great healthy and filling meal. If you have a little chicken or steak you can make fajitas one night and use leftovers in a salad the next night. I also like to steam or saute fresh or frozen veggies and add a little olive oil and butter and add to cooked pasta. Penne is a nice one to use. Whatever you end up making,enjoy!

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    Salad mixes, eggs , Cearal. Hot dogs , I bet you can even buy pot pies pretty cheap hot pockets. Pretty much allot from the freezer section. If your poor then beggers cant be too choosy. The Mac and cheese is a great meal when you mix it with hot dogs or lunch meat.

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    Sphaghetti and marinara sauce with loaf of italian bread. $4 approximately

    Bertolli meal in a bag $6


    Hot dogs and baked beans $3 - $4

    Eggs, bread and bologna $6


    Frozen Pizza $5

    Frozen dinner $5 (lasagne, salisbury steak, etc.)


    Ramen noodles they are 6 packs for $1, you could really stock up

    Canned soups $2 each

    Cereal $2 -$ 3, milk $1 - $2 oatmeal $1-$2

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    You probably have your 2 meals already, but, in general, clip coupons & save a lot. Online coupons offer huge savings. is a center for most coupons offers. (Sign up/in with just an e-mail address & password... In signing up, you'll have to "skip or subscribe" to a lot of ads/newsletters, but after you pass that point, it is so worth it.

    Too, sign up for food manufacturer's newletters. They'll e-mail you with special offers you can't get anywhere else. You can get meal ideas at there sites, too. (You can find most sites by typing www. [manufacturer's name] .com in the address box of your browser. Their sites (like offer monthly coupons on products.

    At CouponMom, you can see what coupons are coming out on Sunday on Saturday! Decide if it's worth getting a paper or not -- or two...

    Then there are sites like,, and where you can get coupons.

    And, many grocery store sites offer Online (manufacturer's) Coupons -- so check out their sites -- not just stores you shop at.

    What give manufacturers money you don't have to? Use coupons & save!!

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    The first thing you need to do is pick up the sales paper for your local grocery store. Find out what's on sale and make a list. Start with the meat, then figure what to do with it.

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    get two box meals that alll you have to do is add the meat. Hamburger meat is cheap. Good luck I hope you find some more money bc i dont like seeing people without food.

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    1. spaghetti - noodles, sauce and ground beef - spice it up with dried oregano, garlic powder

    2. hamburgers with mac and cheese - hamburger meat, buns, box of Kraft. - I like to add onion powder into the ground beef to give it a different flavor

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    grilled cheese ( 1.29 & 2.99 ) and tomato soup ( 1.80)

    spaghetti noodles (.99) w/ marinara ( 1.99) :


    here are some other cheap things:


    tuna fish sandwich

    hamburger helper

    mac and cheese

    ramen noodles

    quesadillas - (shells and cheese)


    hot dogs ( frank and beans)

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