Friend Problem.Please help!

I am 14 and I have a friend who goes to a girl's school.The problem is that she hates talking about boys and stuff and she is very conscious about the clothes she is wearing.For example,she gets bothered if she is wearing white clothes because they are transparent and she is always asking whether everything is covered and stuff.So the main problem is that our talks don't match and sometimes she is a bit rude.I don't go out to play much because i don't like it much but she is crazy about playing! and if i don't come out for 2-3 days she starts behaving rudely.She gets rude on the phone as if it was all my fault!

How can I tell her that i have my own life instead of just playing outside and how to make her understand that I have my own reasons of not playing and tell her to stop being rude!!

I know its long.But your help will be appreciated.Thank you in advance! :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It sounds like the effects of her going to an all girl's school is keeping her very modest and immature. That's not a bad thing, but it is obviously causing some problems. I would just be upfront with her about it next time she gets rude with you for not "playing". Let her know that as you get older, you don't really like to play. Try and find something you guys can do like go to a movie or something. Also, if she is rude about something that you are wearing that she thinks isn't modest or something, speak up and tell her that that's her style and not yours and you would appreciate it if she wasn't rude about how you dress and act because you are two different people.

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