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fat chick trying to lose some to get some

there is this dumb girls who weighs like 180something pounds around 5'5"or 5'4" but she honestly looks like a good 200 pounds or more she has to be italian or something shes eating 1300 calories a day and burning around 800 calories at the gym... i think thats pretty good but shes not that enough?

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    Wow, are you ever horrid. I hope she doesn't consider you a friend, because your description of her is really, really snarky.

    But to answer your question... if she's burning 800 calories a day, she's just on the edge of eating too little.

    You don't say her age, but I'll guess 16 for now. Her RMR would be about 2168 calories a day. She needs that much to maintain her current weight. A safe rate of weight loss is no more than 2 pounds a week. To accomplish this, she must either eat 1000 fewer calories a day, burn 1000 calories through exercise, or both.

    That means if she burns 800 calories a day, she should be eating about 1368 calories per day. So she's right around where she should be. She shouldn't eat any less or exercise any more.

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