Is this normal pregnancy pregnancy aches?

My back starting aching last night. My middle back aches and so does my lower back. I am almost 30 weeks pregnant. Is this normal? Also, is there anything I can do help relieve it? It made for a rough night because I could not get comfortable. I was hoping I could allieviate it a little bit so that perhaps I could have a better time today. Thanks.


Oops!! i just realized that I typed pregnancy twice in my question. Sorry about that.

Update 2:

10 weeks with #2, I have actually registered for one. My shower is coming up pretty soon so hopefully I will get one. thanks for the info.

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    Get a snoogle! Its the best pillow ever! Its a body pillow the curves naturally around you and through your legs! My husband bought me one from babies r us and it has helped me so much! It also shows you a whole bunch of other ways that it can be used!

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    yup these are definitely normal. Best thing for sleeping is to put a throw pillow between your thighs and knees or sleep with a body pillow. It's hard to get comfortable, but still helps with the back aches.

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    Pregnancy gives aches and pains. It is sharp pains in your lower back that move to the front you have to look for. I used to get cramps in my calves with my daughter, I couldnt move my leg, I would wake up screaming in the middle of the night from pain. Try taking a tylenol before bed to ease the pain a little.

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    it is not uncommon to adventure cramping at some point in the time of your being pregnant and there are various motives as to why you may adventure this. nonetheless, extreme cramping or abdomen discomfort isn't standard and would you adventure any cramping or pains alongside side any of here indications, you need to call your healthcare provider as quickly as attainable: * bleeding - on the whole mind-blowing pink blood * Fever * Chills * Lightheaded or faint * Vaginal discharge there are incredibly some rationalization why you may adventure cramping in the time of diverse tiers of being pregnant, and those would contain: Implantation – many women folk adventure a discomfort which has similarities to their era discomfort throughout the time of the 1st weeks and it is often led to while implantation occurs. Ligaments Stretching – it is often extra elementary throughout the time of the 2nd trimester, as a results of fact the muscle groups and ligaments that are helping your starting to be uterus stretch. fake hard artwork – it is not uncommon for women folk to adventure fake hard artwork or Braxton Hicks throughout the time of the third trimester. it is led to via the muscle groups interior the uterus preparing for hard artwork as they stretch and launch, generally at surprising periods. gasoline – while you're laid low with gasoline, then there's a good possibility which you will adventure some cramping linked with it. Constipation – of direction the comparable would prepare in case you have been constipated. Cramps – interior the final ultimate weeks of your being pregnant cramping is often an illustration that onerous artwork will initiate quickly.

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    Its just the weight of the baby... Its normal!... Try laying sideways with a pilow wedged under your belly, try to lift the weight of it on the pillow, so it can be relieved from pulling on your back, but usually, there no real cure till the babys born!! Good Luck!

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    yes, pretty normal. you should be sleeping on your side particularly on your left. never sleep on your back. a body pillow would really help.

    Source(s): 36 weeks and 3 days preggo with my first baby - a girl due on august 25th
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