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world is one big lie??

the world is run by elites that will do anything for the final plan...their agenda is to have a world government to govern the world of course.

being the president is basically to be a puppet.

president bush my look like an asshole but it's not his fault, he's being told what to do.if he goes against it he'll get killed..just like John F. Kennedy. Kennedy refused to go through with the

New world order so they publicly executed him. our secret government did this. and the people are too ******* stupid and brainwashed by TV to realize it. the HPV VACCINE- it's a big lie to infect girls with a future disease that will need treatment go here:

look the plan is to have a central government, have everyone chipped, and reduce the population, total control

Many people who support this theory currently believe, for example, that AIDS was engineered by human scientists and then administered to the gay population in New York in the late 1980's through vaccines.

horrible huh? it adds up. you know aids?

that **** was made to kill african americans; it was supposed to be a "small pox" vaccine but it ended up having the aids virus, which would soon flourish in the years to come. by the time they found out about it they didn't know what hit them

gays were also infected by the AIDS virus. they were told, only gays, to get a hepatitus vaccine and it contained the virus

SARS virus, it was made to kill asians

people can't do **** about it & the amount we pay at the pump is a form of tax. gas shouldnt be the price it is.

views, comments?


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Update 2:

too the monkey thing-

people are made to think that aids came from a guy who was in africa and whatnot, but it was actually given to africans through an injection, all the other monkey studies are rubbish

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    You are certainly a little conspiracy theory fan aren't you? As far as the new world order goes, I believe it is just the wealthy and powerful in our society that want to remain the wealthy and powerful. They will do anything to keep the status quo.

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    first off aids was contracted in Africa some how some one got bit by a monkey monkeys have aids but for some reason they can fight it off look it up you will c a 2 the us is the one bulling every one around we a in a country right now that did nothing to us Iraq isn't responsible for 9 11 but were there and we tell other country's they cant have nuclear weapons but we have them the whole world is going to hell an were here on the ride gore won the elation but bush is president we as citizens are made to believe we have a word but really we don't they hide thing from us every day your on the right path just got misled a little

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    I consider you on each and every point. there are various questions I even have yet quite no solutions. I question each and every little thing, and that i dont quite comprehend why. i'm Christian yet presently I havent believed in something. I hate how each and every physique lives their lives like no longer something is incorrect. if actuality be counseled we are all a huge ball of liars who're hypocrites. each and every now and then I wish i became stupid, stupid adequate to no longer comprehend how undesirable the international is, and purely then i could be "ok" with each and every little thing. Its sturdy to experience this way. human beings desire to verify a metamorphosis interior the international, yet they dont desire to be those to alter it. I observed this tweet as quickly as, that stated poverty and how with purely approximately 650 billion funds poverty must be eradicated interior the full international. and on the different component ten cases as a great number of it quite is wasted on wars. Ive considered church homes who do issues for the incorrect reasons. And the unhappy component is that individuals are comfortable with it. Im no longer, I stay my existence no longer desirous to stay, i actually desire to renounce. i desire solutions. Is the priority that a great style of persons arent cognizant of the topics around them? ought to we first seek for to instruct the widely used public? that way each and every physique can question those issues. some months in the past i became out figuring out to purchase water, and that i see this homeless guy. i bypass as much as him and supply him some funds, he then is going directly to describe how we became a veteran from the Vietnam conflict, and he became residing in poverty because of the fact the government that promised him funds for volunteering never paid him. you notice even the government lies. there's a reason, however the priority is that we (the widely used public) are no longer advised those reasons, so we get indignant. I advise you watch those movies on youtube: Why us of a of america isn't the terrific us of a interior the international, Charlie Chaplin stunning Speech. save on thinking the international. Dont be stagnant and pleased with the way issues are, make a circulate. sick be with you, i wish to come across solutions to my questions.

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    Alot of people are aware of the New World Order. As much as we would love to stop it, what can we do but pray it doesnt happen.

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    i agree with what ur saying but this is the wrong section to put this in.

    ( ~ 8*

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    you could worry about this.... but then again you could not.... life's not so bad :)

    I know I'm a corporate slave :P

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