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Microsoft Access - Length of email is getting cut off

I have a SendObject code in my macro that send an email out. Within the "Message Text" section I have some code ..... ="Part#" & [Forms]![frmOrderForm]![Part #] & " is due" & [Forms]![frmOrderForm]![Text45] & [Forms]![frmOrderForm]![Additional Comments] My problem is that when the "Additional Comments" section contains a lot of text, it cuts off some of the text in the email. I think it is treating the email as a memo length because it seems to cut off around the 250 character mark. Is there a way to fix this issue? I would think there would be, b/c an email itself should not have a length restriction; If there is enough room to fill it in in the Textbox of the form, I should be able to put all this info in an email too?

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    I ran into an issue like this about 2 years ago.

    Crosstab queries, Summary queries, Union queries, and Queries that use Distinct or DistinctRow will all truncate a memo field to 255 characters so Access can perform the required functionality of eliminating duplicates.

    Also, if you have specified a format in the field's Format property, this will often truncate the data as well.

    If Unique Value Property is set to Yes, Access has to compare the values and therefore Memo Field values are truncated.

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    The maximum number of characters in a text box is 65,535, and the maximum number of characters in a memo data type is also 65,535, so the problem is not the length of the message.

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